Dachshund Pencil Portraits

Welcome to the latest Dachshund pencil portraits that has just been completed. It’s funny how things are with the pets we paint and draw. This year we had two ‘Gypsy’s’ in a row – a horse and a dog. Now we have two Lily’s in a row, and not just two Lilys, but two Dachshund Lily’s! One a painting and now a drawing! You can see the oil painting here – Lilly’s Portrait.

This Lily Dachshund I drew a few months ago as a surprise birthday present for my client Sue’s daughter Josephine. Sue rang me from London asking if I would be able to have a pencil drawing completed in time for her daughters special day. She had emailed a range of photos for me to see. One particular photo was perfect and captured Lily really well. However Lily was laying on Sue’s daughter, Josephine’s lap. So we had to think of an alternative design. Lily loved to be covered up with her blanket laying in her bed, so I drew Lily under her favourite paw patterned blanket. I made it look as though Lily was laying in her bed instead of on Josephine.

Sue was thrilled, not only with the clever idea, but also with the finished portrait. You can see from the final scan below, it all looks very natural. I hope you like it!

Dachshund Pencil Portraits

Dachshund Pencil Portraits – Photo

Here are a few photos of the portrait photographed with my pencils to show scale. I often feel these candid photos show the portrait in a much more natural way.

Dachshund Pencil Portraits
Pencil Drawing

Happy Clients!

I always love to hear from my clients when their portrait has arrived. Sue called me as soon as the portrait arrived. Sue was to present it to her daughter the following day and she couldn’t wait. You can see the photo below of the portrait with Lily sniffing it, I think she approved! I love seeing photos of  the pets with our portraits, as a result it really makes me smile.

Hi Melanie,
A great success lily loves it and so does Josephine.

Dachshund Pencil Portraits

Commission a Portrait

We framed the portrait in a grey frame with a light grey inner mount. This allows the portrait to stand out from the frame. We hope you like it. If you have a Dachshund who you might like drawn, please do get in touch. If you can take some time to get some good photos to send, even better. The higher quality the photo, the better the drawing will ultimately be. Finally, if you have any questions just email or WhatsApp us at any time, we are always happy to help!

Framed Portrait

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