Cat Pencil Pet Portraits Montage

Welcome to my latest Cat Pencil Pet Portraits Montage. This portrait was commissioned by Vivian in Hong Kong who arranged this portrait as a birthday gift for her friend. I think this has to be one of my favourite cat pet portraits to date. It was such a pleasure to draw and I loved portraying Gilli in all of the different poses.

It took Vivian and myself a while to design the portrait using her wonderful photos. We made sure that most of the studies were touching, which we feel brings them together as one image. The drawing is 16″ x 12″ size and I have taken some photos of the portrait with my pencils resting on, to show scale. If you would like to see my portrait in more detail, you can see Gilli displayed on my website.

Cat Pencil Pet Portraits Montage

Cat Pencil Pet Portraits Montage Video

I have added an overview video I took just before packing the portrait below too. Hopefully it will give you a better idea of what the portrait is like in a more three dimensional way. I am gradually collecting lots of videos in my video gallery on my website. If you would like to view them, pop over to my website where you can watch them from my Pencil Portraits Video page. Or why not subscribe to our YouTube channel where you will be notified when a new video is uploaded.

Commissioning a Montage Drawing

Here are a few photos of the portrait all framed and ready to send to my client. The dark coloured frame and the dark grey mount with lighter inner mount, work well together. It allows the drawing to really stand out and pop from the frame.

Cat Pencil Pet Portraits Montage

Finally I hope you have enjoyed viewing my Cat Pencil Pet Portraits Montage and if you have a cat that you would like to have a pencil drawing of please let me know. Creating a montage drawing can be very rewarding as it allows me to capture the many characters of your cat. So we can choose a photo of them sleeping, playing, laying upside down, perhaps hiding and pouncing on a toy, gazing out of the window etc.

There are so many ideas, all I need are photos of them in those poses! Keep your phone or your camera handy and take some time to take photos over the weeks and then get in touch. I can create some design for you to see so you see what a montage drawing might be like using your photos. Its always good to get the design agreed before putting pencil to paper! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Cat Pencil Pet Portraits Montage

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