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Oil Dog Portrait of Mr Bones

Welcome to our Oil Dog Portrait of Mr Bones. Our client Sarah, USA, commissioned an oil portrait of her sons sadly much loved and very much missed dog called Mr Bones…

……This is Mr. Bones…my son Walker’s dog. He had to put him to sleep a couple of weeks ago and he was his love. Well..he does love his wife. I gave Mr. Bones to him when he was 18 years old with the caveat that he might die (I’m a veterinarian and we found him in a back yard) Mr. Bones managed to survive and become an integral part of his life. Now Walker is a Marine and still cried unashamedly at the euthanasia. So I want to get a good portrait for him to have….

How wonderful that they saved his life, nurtured and cherished him and what a wonderful companion he was to all of the family. Especially for Walker. We love hearing amazing stories like this. The composition of the painting is lovely, particularly the inclusion of the beautiful blue and white rug. I think its always fabulous to include surroundings or personal items in the paintings. Consequently it really makes them all the more unique and personal to the recipient.

The painting…

The painting was whisked off to the USA in time for Walker to receive it as a surprise on his Wing Ceremony day. Read all about the day and see a beautiful photo of Walker with his portrait  here – Happy Clients Mr Bones

Finally the scan of Mr Bones

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