Tibetan Terrier – Our Lily!

As some of our regular readers will know we have a gorgeous and very lovable Tibetan Terrier called Lily. She is three years old this month. As any dog owner will know, time just flies from puppyhood to adult. She passed her puppy training two and a half years ago. As you can see from the photo, Lily has now passed her ‘starter’ in obedience!

We have been going to obedience classes since last Autumn. Lily and I also quickly moved from the beginners to advanced class and in March. We were so excited to move up to the big class. Because of this, we started to work towards our starter obedience test too. Its not going to be easy as although Lily is very obedient, she is a Tibetan Terrier and they are known for their questioning. Where as another breed, say like a collie, would say, yes I will do that, and now can I have a treat? Lily will say… why do you want me to do that? I might do it, but on the other hand I might not!!

Training is fun..

Lily and I go to have a bit of fun and it also gives her some socialisation. It took Lily a number of months to gain her confidence as she was quite shy with the other dogs. The classes are outside in a field with around 10 other dogs so she has plenty of friends to choose from.  Lily is getting on really well with the training. It has taken time, but she is much more relaxed there now. I was thrilled to get our rosette. It will sit with her puppy rosette too. Lily is also now working towards her ‘Novice’ rosette – wish us luck!!

Tibetan Terrier Lily

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