Oil Painting of Amber

Welcome to the oil painting of Amber. This oil painting was commissioned by a returning client, Una. At the same time she also commissioned an oil painting of her horse Chico. You can see Chico’s painting in more detail on our dedicated blog post, horse oil painting of Chico.

The painting of Amber is a 51″ x 16″ and it shows Amber, a gorgeous Golden Retriever in three poses. The central study is Amber as a puppy. The left and right studies are of Amber jumping and splashing in the water. Una took a whole host of photos of Amber to work out what design and how she would like to see Amber in the painting. This is such an important step as photos are key in creating a portrait. Photos need to be clear and in focus, especially if they are for a movement portrait. We can then create a design for the portrait and as in this case with Una, she was able to give us feedback before putting brush to canvas.

As you can see the final scan below, the painting was pretty epic. It took Nicholas a number of weeks to paint but it was all worth while.

Oil Painting of Amber

Here is a close up of the left hand side of the painting with the finished portrait of Amber jumping in the water with her toy.

Oil Painting of Amber

Finally here is a close up on the right hand side of Amber jumping with her ears flying, in the water. The splashes are superb as the water is flying everywhere.

Oil Painting of Amber
Oil Painting of Amber

Painting In Progress

Here are a few photos of the portrait in progress, you can see how loose the painting was drawn out on the canvas, loose but correctly drawn. This has allowed Nicholas to keep the movement of Amber in the water. Painting an oil portrait as large as this has it’s tricky moment but when the final portrait is complete it is all worth while.

Portrait in Progress
Oil Painting of Amber
Amber in Progress
Oil Painting of Amber

Oil Painting of Amber – Framed

Here is a photo of the portrait all framed and ready to send to our clients. You can see that Nicholas had his hand on the painting. This was to both hold it upright and to help show scale too. I’m sure it will look fabulous displayed on our clients wall in their home, and also match really well with the oil painting of Chico too.

Oil Painting of Amber

Video of the Portraits

The video below shows the portraits close up and in detail. I’m new to filming and video editing so each video I take, I make a slight improvement. I hope you enjoy it.

Finally we hope that you like the pet portraits video of Chico and Amber along with the painting of Amber above. If you would like a painting, especially one of your dog jumping in water, drop us a line. Visit our website, take a look around there is plenty to see with lots of information on our pet portraits which you can access in the navigation above. We can be contacted via our contact page, or alternatively via message using Whastapp.

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