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Dog Portrait of Django

Welcome to my Dog Portrait of Django. Andrew, from the East Coast of the United States, emailed to ask if he could have a portrait of his friends dog drawn as a gift for her. Andrew wanted an 18 x 14 full body portrait laying down and we initially discussed this idea form the photos he emailed. However the photo wasn’t all that good quality and I asked if it was possible to take new photos of the dog.

The wonderful news that he was able to get new photos especially for the pencil drawing was superb. Andrew emailed me a range of photos a few weeks later and there were many that would have been perfect for a portrait. Photos are absolutely key in creating a detailed portrait. Both Nicholas and not only like to add plenty of detail in our work, but we also like to see light and shadows too, which helps to create a realistic portrait.

Andy emailed me when he saw the final scan and you can read just one of his emails below. We exchanged a number of emails and Andrew sent me a photo of his back garden when it had snowed, with a number of feet of snow!

Hello Melanie,
Wow! The portrait is absolutely beautiful! Thank you and you do incredible work!
Best Regards,

The final scan of Django is below, along with a photo of the drawing on my plan chest….


Dog Portrait of Django

Dog Portrait of Django – Photos

Here is a photo of Django’s portrait on my plan chest with my pencils to show scale.

Dog Portrait of Django

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