Cat Portrait of Max

Welcome to my Cat Portrait of Max. Rebecca got in touch after loosing her much loved cat called Max. Max was a siamese cat and the photos Rebecca sent me were stunning. Rebecca ideally wanted a pencil drawing of Max, however she loved his blue eyes. So I suggested that I shade those in blue where as the rest of the portrait cool be in pencil. Rebecca was thrilled with the idea. I have used this before, including the lovely pencil drawing of the three huskies which you can see here – Husky Pencil drawing. 

Rebecca also had one of Max’s whiskers and also his ashes. She wanted me to somehow include them in the portrait. The initial ideas was to write his name in the ashes and have the whisker underneath, however it wasn’t really visible. So I gently glued his whisker on the portrait as an actual whisker. The ashes were then mixed with PVA glue and used to write his name which was surrounded by the mount.

The drawing is a 12 x 10 portrait with a fully shaded background to allow Max to stand off of the paper. This commission has to be one of the most interesting I have created to date. I am always happy and willing to work with my clients and their ideas. Its always very exciting.

Cat Portrait of Max

 Cat Portrait of Max – Photos

Here are a few photos of the cat portrait of Max on my plan chest in the Art Studio. Showing my pencils in there too so you can get an idea of the size of the portrait.

Cat Portrait of Max
Cat Portrait of Max
Cat Portrait of Max

Cat Portrait of Max – Framed

We had the portrait framed for Rebecca and her family, which of course shows the ashes in the name Max.

Cat Portrait of Max

Max Framed and in Situ

Rebecca very kindly took some photos of the portrait when it was displayed in their kitchen. She said that he was in the perfect place..on the way to the sun room. This was where he loved to bask in the warmth. We cant thank Rebecca enough for taking the photo for us and allowing us to use it on our website and blog. Thank you!!

Here is Max…..pride of place with his discerning look!!!! Friends came around last night and couldn’t believe how real the picture looked!! At distant shot….gives you a sense of how he stands out. We spend all our time in the extension off the kitchen and now he is with us!

Max Framed and in situ.

Finally we hope that you have enjoyed viewing the portrait of Max and reading about his story. If you would like to have a portrait including ashes or whiskers on the drawing itself, please let me know. You are more than welcome to email or WhatsApp me at any time.

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