Husky Pencil Pet Portrait

Welcome to my Husky pencil pet portrait, commissioned just prior to Christmas 2017 by a client in the USA. Stephen wanted me to draw his three Huskies – Sasha, Bear and Punky. it was to be a large portrait for a special birthday gift for his wife at 40 x 30 inches.

We chatted about how amazing his Huskies were and that their eyes were a beautiful blue. It would be a shame not to try to capture them in colour. So I created the eyes using watercolour, as you can see from the photos below. They really shine out and it feels as though they follow you around the room.

To complete the portrait we commissioned our engraver to create a silver plaque for us. You can see the a close up photo below. I have had a photo of me taken with the portrait so that you can see the scale. I also took some video with me in to help show scale which I will add below.

Husky Pet Portrait

Husky Pencil Pet Portrait – Happy Clients

My clients Sara and Stephen very kindly took photos of the portrait in situ and the one below shows the portrait with Sara. The drawing was 40 x 30 inch plus a double mount, plaque and frame. The frame contain blue and brown colours and it works with their home décor colouring beautifully! I have also added a testimonial below and I am hoping to be able to add it to my website in the coming weeks!


Both Sara and I would love to thank you for the wonderful piece of artwork you have created. Capturing the beauty and souls of each Sasha, Bear, and Punky. The talent you possess is unbelievable, and the completed portrait is more than we could have ever asked for. Also, I want to thank you for your professionalism, quick responses to questions I had, as well as making this process enjoyable and so very rewarding.

From Nashville, TN over the Atlantic to you, Sara, Sasha, Bear, Punky, and myself want to send you and your family much gratitude and appreciation for your hard work on this large project.


Stephen & Sara Humes and the 3 pups who send some slurps your way!

Husky Pencil Pet Portrait

Husky Video

Here is a video I have taken of the completed Husky portrait. This is my first video with me in the video itself! I wanted to show the scale of the portrait, but also I want to be in more of the videos to make them a little more personal. 

We are always trying to improve on our tech and as you will see the camera is a little shaky and also the gimbal I was using was an old style with counter weights. My newly ordered a new one is mechanised! Amazing. So hopefully the next video will be much smoother and I’m looking forward to testing it out when it arrives.

Pet Portrait Framed

And finally, here are some photos of the portrait framed, including a close up of the engraved plaque too. We love adding engraved plaques to our portraits as they really make the whole commission feel very personal.

Husky Pet Portrait
Melanie with the portrait
Husky Pet Portrait

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