Lady Bamford and Betty

Welcome to my commission from Lady Bamford and Betty! This is the second commission on behalf of Lady Bamford for her staff. The portrait below is for Lady Bamford’s personal assistant Emma as a gift for her birthday. I am hoping it will be an amazing surprise for her. The pencil drawing is a 9 x 9 inch study on Italian Fabriano paper. Betty is the most gorgeous dog and I really enjoyed drawing her.

The other portrait I have drawn for Lady Bamford was for the Aga Khans birthday. You can see the pencil drawing of the thoroughbred Stallion Siyouni and again it was a fabulous drawing to create, especially being for the Aga Khan!

Lady Bamford and Betty

Lady Bamford and Betty – Photos

The photos below were taken of the pencil drawing on my plan chest in the studio. I like to take photos of my drawings with my pencils so that clients an see the scale of their drawings. Also I feel photos of my drawings are a much better representation than the scans to the originals. Scans can often show a little harsh.

Pencil drawing for Lady Bamford

Finally if you are looking to commission an artist to create a pencil drawing for you, why not take a look around my website to see if my drawings are the kind of style you are looking for. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to get in touch. I can be contacted via my contact page and you can also use the WhatsApp buttons on any page of my website. I hope you like Betty’s pencil drawing and I look forward to creating one for you of your dog in the near future!

Lady Bamford and Betty

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