Siyouni The Aga Khans Stallion

Welcome to my latest portrait of Siyouni, the Aga Khans Stallion standing 16.1 hands high. Our returning client Lady Bamford commission this portrait of Siyouni which is her fourth commission with us. She wanted to give the portrait to the Aga Khan on his Birthday on the 13th of December.

Siyouni is a renowned stallion owned by the Aga Khan Studs. Born in 2007, Siyouni is a bay horse standing at Haras de Bonneval. The stallion fee for Siyouni in is €200,000. Siyouni is sired by Pivotal, who was a three-time leading broodmare sire in Great Britain and Ireland, and out of the Listed winning mare Sichilla.

Siyouni has proven to be a highly successful young stallion. Bred in France by the Aga Khan IV he was sent into training with Alain de Royer-Dupré in Chantilly. His success has led to great faith in his future potential. With his impressive lineage and promising performance, Siyouni continues to be a significant figure in the world of horse racing. For those who aren’t familiar with the Aga Khan or his racehorses I have found a Wikipedia page which gives a little background information about him. You can also read about his prodigies too – Aga Khan

The Portrait

The portrait is a 9 x 11 pencil drawing with a subtly shaded background. The background shading doesn’t show up so well on the digital version, however the traditional drawing was much more natural looking in rea life. I took some photos of the portrait with my pencils as well as a straight on version below.

Siyouni, the Aga Khans Stallion

Finally I hope that you have enjoyed reading about Siyouni, the Aga Khans Stallion. If you have a horse that you would like us to portray, you are more than welcome to get in touch at any time. We would love to see your photos. If you would like to see your horse drawn, especially with tack on like Siyouni is here, its always best to take photos with the tack on. If you would prefer to have your portrait more natural, without tack, then it is best to take photos without. It will also be easier for us to drawn as sometimes removing the tack can be tricky. If you need to ask any questions about taking photos of your horses, we are always available for guidance. You can contact us either via email or WhatsApp.

Siyouni, the Aga Khans Stallion

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