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Siyouni the Aga Khans Stallion

Welcome to my latest portrait of Siyouni the Aga Khans Stallion. Lady Bamford has commissioned me three times. The latest commission was a drawing of a stallion called Siyouni which you can see below. Lady Bamford commissioned the drawing for the Aga Khan as a birthday surprise on the 13th of December. I was therefore very exited to get started! Above all, one for my famous commissions list! For those who aren’t familiar with the Aga Khan or his racehorses I have found a Wikipedia page. Read about him – Aga Khan.

The portrait is a 9 x 11 pencil drawing with a subtly shaded background. I consequently took some photos of the portrait with my pencils for you to see the scale of the drawing. I hope you like it!

In addition here is the final scan
Finally a photo of the portrait with my pencils

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