Sunday Squirrels

Our post today is all about Sunday Squirrels. We have a pair of squirrel who live in the little woodland of trees just below our studio. It isnt really a woodland as such, although we call it that. It’s just a scattering of trees, oak and sycamore that divide us and the field beyond. The small area is a haven for wildlife with rabbits, an abundance of birds and of course these two pesky squirrels.

They are the cutest things to watch. They fly and jump around the benches and sun themselves on the trees. You can see you can see from the photo below. They do try to get to our bird feeder, however we have bought a squirrel proof one. After going through about 3 or 4 over the years that the squirrels have very cleverly managed to nibble into! So our big bird feeder now is the bees knees of bird feeders. So far they have yet to figure a way in.

However cute and wonderful and loved to watch these squirrels are, they also have a very naughty side. Squirrels have big teeth and use them to get into my beautiful chicken shed that Nicholas made for me. They chew the door and pop hole where the chickens go in and out very early in the mornings. They want to get inside to the chicken food! We feel our chickens ad lib corn un a lovely large feeder. this means the chickens can go in and eat as much as they want, when ever they want. The problem is the squirrels have a habit of going in there too and i don’t seem to have yet found a way to stopping them. If I’m not careful they steal the chickens eggs too!

Having said all of that, how ever irritated we get from having to be one step ahead of them all of the time to outwit them…they are beautiful to watch and quite comical with it. So i guess we will forgive them their naughtiness…..

Sunday Squirrels

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