Pencil Pet Portrait of Gus

Welcome to my pencil pet portrait of Gus. My client Coren commissioned me to create a pencil drawing of their beautiful Labrador who had passed away. We are always so thrilled to hear how clients find us and you can read an email from Coren below. We often hear that they have been looking for an artist for a long time and as soon as they find out website, know that they have found the perfect artists for them! Isn’t that fantastic!

Hi Melanie and Nicholas-
I have stumbled upon your site after extensively looking for an artist to draw our dog who left us a few years ago – what beautiful work! The photos are limited but I have one or two.
Thank you so much!

The commissioned portrait is an 8 x 10 inches pencil drawing with full shaded background. This allowed Gus and his gorgeous coat to stand out from the background. The portrait was for a birthday surprise and you can read Coren’s email below when she saw the final scan…


This looks wonderful! I cannot wait to have it on the wall soon.
Thanks so much!


Pencil Pet Portrait of Gus – Photos

Here are a few photos of the pencil pet portrait of Gus, so that my clients and readers can see Gus in a little more detail.

Pencil Pet Portrait of Gus

I really love the collar on Gus, it works well and it also adds interest into the portrait too. If your dog has a particular collar that they always wore that you would like to be part of the drawing let me know. Sometimes clients wish the collars to be removed and most of the time that it fine too.

Pencil Pet Portrait of Gus

Our dog only has a collar on when she is out as its a harness, so if we were to have a drawing done, we would definitely go without. Many dogs have collars on all the time and it becomes part of them. So it is important to have it in the portraits. Just let us know your preference!

Pencil Pet Portrait of Gus

Framing and Blogs

The drawing of Gus is on its way to my clients in the USA. I packed it up yesterday and booked it in for collection. I have also been up early in the studio today working on our website. Our visitors and readers of our blog can now subscribe very easily on our website at the bottom of  every page! We send out a roundup of our blog once a month so you never miss a thing. Check it out on our website –
Pencil Pet Portrait of Gus

Finally, if you would like a pencil drawing of your Labrador similar to Gus, why not drop me a line.

Pencil Pet Portrait of Gus

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