Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits

Welcome to my latest Tibetan Terrier pet portraits is now complete. The portrait was commissioned by Caroline and her family as a surprise for their mums 60th birthday. Unfortunately, Hollie past away last year at 15 and half. The portrait will be a wonderful reminder of Hollie and hopefully bring back lovely memories for them all.

Caroline emailed when she saw the final scan ….

She looks amazing! Thank you so so much, I actually had a little tear in my eye because it’s just Hollie completely!

Our TT

As some of our readers may know, we have a Tibetan Terrier called Lily. They are such special dogs, once you have owned one, no other dog will match them. TT’s are so lovable and kind and gentle…yet have a very playful and naughty streak. It will make you laugh (or cry!) constantly.

They also love being chased and they will ‘steal’ something of yours and make you chase them. Its their favourite game. You will find Tibetan Terrier owners will refer to them as ‘Little People’ as that’s just what they are. They have such a big personality and its often like having a toddler in the house at all times.

They can be aloof with strangers (which is good) but are very social and love being with people. The are very loyal and incredibly amazing with children. Lily is astonishingly patient and calm with them.  Whenever we see another Tibetan terrier owner – and this is the same for all Tibetan Terrier owners,  they will make a bee line to talk to you. There really aren’t that many of us TT owners!

I very much enjoyed drawing Hollie. Owning聽a Tibetan Terrier myself, it was lovely to be able to study Hollie and bring her to life on paper. Scroll down to see more photos and very happy clients!

Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits – Happy Clients

We have received the most fabulous photos from my client Caroline with her mum. So I’m thrilled that Caroline’s mum loves her portrait. I was so pleased to be able to draw Hollie – one of my favourite commissions to date. I will also be adding Hollie to my website in the next round of updates on there soon. Caroline emailed the following….

Hi Melanie,

My mum picked Hollie up today from the framing shop! She’s so happy, thank you so much. Hollie is in the living room above the TV looking over at the front door which is what she used to do. Just waiting for someone to walk past for her to bark at! Haha 馃榾

Caroline X

Tibetan Pet Portraits – Photos

Here are a few photos of Hollies drawing with my pencils to show scale. I often take photos of the drawings while they are on my plan chest as they photos often show the drawings better than final scans.

Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits
Tibetan Terrier


Here is the little video I took of Hollie just before I packed her up and sent her to the client. I hope you enjoy the video.

We hope you have enjoyed our Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits blog. If you have a Tibetan Terrier you would like drawn or painted please let us know. We would absolutely love to work with you. We have such a special bond with the breed it would mean so much to us if we could create a portrait for you. Email or WhatsApp us at any time.

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