Pencil Pet Portrait Collection

Welcome to my latest blog post where I thought it would be good to do a bit of a roundup of a pencil pet portrait collection of drawings from this year. I have squeezed in a few drawings that don’t really warrant a blog post all to themselves, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase them all in one post.

I love drawing the smaller pencil pet portrait drawings as it allows me to fit them onto my drawing desk with ease and really get to grips with the detail. Photos are key though and the better quality the photo, essentially the better the drawing will be. I can add extra detail in to some extent but I can only go so far with what I can see in your photos.

Pencil Pet Portrait Collection

Choosing Sizes for a Pencil Portrait

My favourite sizes to draw are the 10 x 8 and the 12 x 10 size. I often think that the smaller breeds shouldn’t really be painted much larger than life size. So if you have a Yorkshire Terrier, ideally it should be drawn on one of these sizes. It definitely shouldn’t be on a 30 x 40! That would be pretty scary!

If you would like a pencil pet portrait drawn and you aren’t sure what size drawing would be best for you, please do drop me a line and we can discuss it. Quite often clients come to me with specific places join their home in mind to display the portrait. We then work out what size the frame would be to fit within the space. We work back from there to see what size the drawing would need to be.

I have often then helped the clients to take the right shaped photo of their pet. If you imagine taking a portrait orientation photo, head and chest, this would make the drawing a portrait orientation drawing. However if your space was landscape over the fireplace for instance, ideally you might like to capture your pet laying down. This would allow the drawing of your pet to lay sideways. Perhaps in a garden with grass around and fill the space well.

The drawing below is quite an unusual composition. I combined lots of photos of different dogs, but it works really well and would be mounted and framed landscape. Therefore would require a landscape space in your home on your wall. There is a lot to think about when commissioning a drawing!

Pencil Pet Portrait Collection

Commission a Drawing

Finally, I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my pencil pet portrait collection of drawings. If you need any help, please do message or email. We are always happy to help, guide and advise. Whether it is for a pencil drawing like you see here, or one of Nicholas’s oil paintings. Clients are always more than welcome to Email us at any time!

Hi Melanie
It’s lovely, just as I knew it would be. Has brought more than a few tears to my eyes (as I knew it would)!
Thank you so much, I’m sure they’ll be a few more tears when I receive it!!
I look  forward to having Poppy in my front room, where she’ll belong forever 馃檪
You are super talented xx

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