Pet Portrait of Agarn

Welcome to the pet portrait of Agarn! The portrait was commissioned by our client Bill in the USA. It was to be a complete surprise for his husband at Christmas 2017. We worked closely with Bill to create the perfect composition of Agarn. Bill wanted the portrait to show Agarn in their living room and so using a few new photos taken without the recipients knowledge. We used a number of photos to create the design below. Nicholas was able to combine them to make a full scene which essentially you cant really get from just a photo. Thats why having a painting can ultimately be a perfect scene as we can create the best of all of the photos that you have, especially seeing as we can improve on them too.

The portrait is a 22 x 14 inch oil painting on linen canvas and is also framed in the most wonderful gold frame. As a result the entire painting took a number of weeks to complete and we took plenty of in progress photos and video for our clients to see too.

Pet Portrait of Agarn

Pet Portrait of Agarn – Up Close

Here are a few photos of the painting of Agarn really close up with Nicholas painting. The paw below looks so three dimensional. There is a lot of correct saying under the paw to allow it to look as though its laying on the rug with space underneath. Nicholas has very cleverly painted this and it almost looks as though you could touch and feel a real paw.

Pet Portrait of Agarn

I love this photo below, as it looks like Nicholas has a real tennis ball under his hand. The way his had is shadowing the ball, he could almost be holding it while painting. Incredible to think it is actually on the painting!

Pet Portrait of Agarn

Video of the Portrait

I have taken a 3 minute video of Agarn. You can also see close up shots of the frame in the video too. I find that sometimes a scan of our portraits doesn’t really show how three dimensional they are. So taking video for our clients to see is so much better than a static photo. It’s lovely for our clients to be able to see the paintings and frames in more detail. You can also see a few videos of the portrait so that you can see it in a much more three dimensional way.

Pet Portrait of Agarn – Photos Framed

Here is the framed pet portrait of Agarn! There are no real words to describe how beautiful this frame is. As you can see from the photos it is truly stunning. It was also hand finished for our clients to this particular colour and tone too. This was to match in with frames our clients had in their home. If you look at some of the close up photos below you can see the finish in more detail.

Pet Portrait Framed

What we also love about this frame is the detail on the side of the frame too. If you look at photos taken from the side of the frame itself you will see a beautiful pattern along the edge. It really compliments the main pattern of the frame. Our framers very cleverly build each frame to the exact depth required to cover our canvases. 

The artwork framed

This photo of the portrait framed gives not only a good view of the frame, but also the lovely textures of the tennis ball.

Pet Portrait Framed
Pet Portrait of Agarn – Video Stages

Here are some of the video stages of Agarn’s portrait which you can also see on our YouTube channel. As you scroll down the page you will see the painting progress photo too.

Finally we really hope you have enjoyed viewing the story of the pet portrait of Agarn. If you would like a painting of your dog laying on your rug, we can even add a tennis ball into the scene, you are more than welcome to get in touch. We would love to work with you!

Final stages of Agarn

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