Two Pencil Pet Portraits

Welcome to my two pencil pet portraits of Mamesuke & Cinnamon. Yuki, from Japan, emailed me via my website enquiring about commissioning two portraits of her dogs Mamesuke and Cinnamon.

Mamesuke is Yuki’s boyfriends dog and she wanted to surprise him with a drawing for his birthday and also commission one of her dog to match for herself.

Yuki emailed me lots of photos of them both and asked if I could add a background for each dog. The idea for the portrait of Mamesuke was to have her boyfriend surfing in the background which you can see in the first portrait below. Yuki asked if Cinnamon could be laying on a blanket on their sofa with cushions behind which you can see in the second drawing. Both drawings are 24 x 18 inches in size and I thoroughly enjoyed drawing them. 

Two Pencil Pet Portraits
Two Pencil Pet Portraits

Hi Melanie –
I received the beautiful portraits! Thank you again sooo much and I hope you enjoy a wonderful holidays!

Two Pencil Pet Portraits Video

Here is the short video I took of the two pencil pet portraits Mamesuke & Cinnamon before packing them up and sending them on their journey to Japan. I hope you enjoy watching it!

Portraits Photos

I have taken a number of photos of the Pencil Pet Portraits Mamesuke & Cinnamon with my pencils on my plan chest so that clients can see the size of the portraits. The photos of my drawings always seem to show better than scans which can be quite harsh. The photos show much softer, closer to the original drawings.

Pencil Pet Portraits

I don’t often get to create very large drawings, these being 24 x 18 were quite large and so it was lovely to really get to do plenty of detail in both portraits.

Portrait of the drawings on my desk

If clients are considering having large pencil drawings like this, the photos have to be really clear and detailed. The photos Yuki sent me were just about good enough quality for this size of drawing. It is much more difficult to add in detail to a drawing if it’s not in the photo for me to see.

Two Pencil Pet Portraits

I also love adding backgrounds into the portraits, it really gives them placement. Especially if you are having a full body drawing. It creates a scene rather than a cut to white portrait.

Two Pencil Pet Portraits

Commission your own Pencil Portrait.

If you have exciting ideas for your pencil drawing that you would like me to create please let me know. Id love to hear your ideas. We can work on the design before putting pencil to paper, just like I did with these drawings. I sent Yuki plenty of mockups, especially for the Mamesuke portrait to make sure we got the background perfect.

Both drawings together

I can be contacted via my website or using the WhatsApp button at any time. Send me your photos and let me know the kind of drawing you are looking for and we can discuss it!

Two Pencil Pet Portraits

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2 thoughts on “Two Pencil Pet Portraits

  1. Melanie, I really look forward to your posts each week. Both you and your husband are so talented and are such an inspiration. I just love seeing your work!

    1. Hi Marcia,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful message! I am so thrilled you are enjoying our blog posts and artwork 😀 Sending you our very best wishes for the festive season and we look forward to hearing from you again.
      Melanie xx

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