Horse Pencil Pet Portrait

Welcome to my latest Horse pencil pet portrait commissioned as a surprise for the recipient! The drawing is of a beautiful horse called Cherokee (Cherry) and was commissioned by Pauline and her sister Maureen. Pauline was sent an amazing photo of Cherokee while at a horse event and it was so good, she felt it would be perfect for a portrait. They wanted to give it as a joint gift to their niece Caroline on Christmas day 2017. Pauline emailed when the portrait arrived……

He has arrived !!! Cherry is brilliant !! The frame is a triumph and goes beautifully with the portrait. It is propped up in my bedroom at the moment and my sister and I are so delighted with your work. Maureen my sister and I will give it jointly to Caroline. I will ensure you get the photos.
Thank you. Pauline

Scroll down further to see some lovely photos of Cherokee’s portrait framed.

Horse Pencil Pet Portrait Happy Clients

Pauline emailed me this wonderful photo of both her, Maureen and Caroline all on Christmas day with the portrait too. They emailed me….

Caroline was thrilled with the portrait of Cherry and said it would be greatly cherished. All the family think your portrait is beautiful ! The photo is of Maureen (L) our niece Caroline and me Pauline. A very happy new year to you Nicholas and Lily.

Horse Pencil Pet Portrait Happy Clients

We also received more amazing photos from Caroline with Cherokee and her portrait too. Thank you so much Caroline!! Therefore I am so looking forward to adding them to my website in my next round of updates. You can read two fantastic testimonials from Pauline, Caroline and Maureen below. Thank you all for sending these photos and making my day too!

Horse Portrait and its owner

Hi Melanie,
I also just received these 2 photos from Caroline at the stables. She wanted you to see them and how delighted she is with the portrait. Thank you again for creating  this wonderful portrait.

Horse Pencil Pet Portrait

Horse Portrait Framed

The Madison is a firm favourite of mine now. The colour of the frame is Taupe colour. Yet as it is distressed, it shimmers silver in some lights and a gold bronze in other light. You can see the variations in the photo below. Above all, ultimately this is fabulous as it will work well with a multitude of different home decors. It is such a classic design.

horse portrait framed

Finally I really hope that you have enjoyed viewing the Horse Pencil Pet Portrait of Cherokee. If you would like a portrait created similar to this, for a gift or for yourself, let me know. You can contacted me via my website at anytime. Or you can call during normal working hours or message via text or WhatsApp. Whichever your favourite way of communication is, id love to hear from you.

Horse Pencil Pet Portrait

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