Chihuahua Pencil Pet Portrait

Welcome to my latest Chihuahua pencil pet portrait of a beautiful dog called Chowie. A local client commissioned the portrait of Chowie as a Christmas gift. They very sadly lost Chowie suddenly after a routine operation. Rogers wife Louise was absolutely devastated at the loss of Chowie which could have been avoided. Louise told me the story of how Chowie passed away after being spayed. It was so sad to hear. So Roger asked if I could create a portrait for them.

Louise wanted to capture the many sides of Chowie. She had a number of photos she really loved that captured her beautifully, so we decided that a montage drawing would be perfect. This meant we could capture her cute moments sleeping and cuddled in her favourite blanket in different positions. We also all decided to be able to capture the different drawings well the portrait would need to be fairly large. So we all chose the 18 x 14 inch size, which turned out to be perfect.

Chihuahua pencil pet portrait

Louise knew what she was getting for Christmas and she wanted to be part of the process. She helped design the portrait and choose the photos of that were dear to her heart. However, Louise didn’t see the finished article until Christmas day 2017, so was very excited! I somehow don’t think there was a dry eye in their house that morning. All of the family miss Chowie dreadfully.

Chihuahua Pencil Pet Portrait Framed

Louise requested Chowie’s pencil pet portrait frame to be silver in tone. She wanted to not only match with the greys of the pencil drawing but also to match her newly decorated lounge.

Chihuahua pencil pet portrait Framed

The frame is lovely as it is a distressed silver colour and it tends to reflect its surroundings. It can look quite a darkish silver in cool lighting and a lovely warm silver when there is warm colours and lighting. It has a dark base to it and so the distressing shows the darker lines and patterns adding real interest.

montage pet portrait framed

Finally I hope you like my Chihuahua pencil pet portrait. If you would like to see more of my pencil drawings, visit my dedicated pencil portraits website. You can see many more montage portraits too. If you are also interested in having a portrait drawn similar to Chowie Message or WhatsApp me at any tme. Louise was able to gather together some of her most treasured photos of Chowie and bring them together for a unique drawing. Something she can now cherish and remember her forever.

Chihuahua pencil pet portrait

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