Horse Portrait of Inca

This is Nicholas’ latest painting, a horse portrait of Inca in oils, is beautiful. Jamie emailed us in 2017 to find out if we would be able to paint his wife’s event horse. Jamie left it quire late for the birthday surprise, so told his wife something was on its way! This gave us enough time to complete the painting without rushing. You cant rush paintings unfortunately. Jamie requested a head and shoulders oil portrait and emailed us a few photos to choose from. One particular photo was perfect!

The completed portrait is a 14 x 11 oil painting on Italian Linen canvas. As a result, if you scroll down the page you will see a few photos taken during the paintings progress. All of our clients receive a number of stages from start to finish via email.

Horse Portrait of Inca

Jamie requested to have Inca’s name on the portrait in a loose style which you can also see in the scene below. We feel it has worked really well! The fine detail in the portrait is stunning, Nicholas has a love for painting horses and is extremely good at it. The way he handles the tack is stunning – I hope you agree!

Hi Melanie & Nicholas,
Serena has just unwrapped the picture of Inca and is delighted with it. Thank you and Nicholas very, very much. It was very well wrapped up, which is ideal to ensure no damage in transit. Serena now says we must get you to do a painting of our daughter Davina’s horse (Dirk). Maybe one with horse AND rider – so watch this space.
Many thanks again.
Jamie X

Horse Portrait in Progress

Here are a few photos I took of Incas horse portrait while on Nicholas’ easel. The first stage is the drawing out stage, this is important to draw the horse and get the basic tones in.

horse portrait of Inca

Once the stage above is complete, Nicholas continues with the full body colour and adds in more underpainting. All of this paint will be covered, this is just to layer and create the three dimensional form.

Inca's horse portrait in progress

Here you can see that Nicholas is adding fine detail on the tack. The painting is fairly small at 12 x 10 so small brushes are required when painting the fine detail of the tack.

horse portrait of Inca

Inca Framed

We framed the painting in one of our new frames, which works so well with Incas painting. The frame is simply beautiful. It is a fairly dark brown with a simple gold inner line. Also the frame brings out the dark areas on the painting really well.

The completed oil painting of Inca framed

The colours of the frame work really well with Incas colouring, the under tones of the frame are a rich red and brown colour, which bring out Inca’s overall colour and tone beautifully.

Horse portrait framed

The photo below shows the back of the frame. Clips hold the canvas in place very securely so it’s all safe and secure.

horse portrait of Inca

Finally we hope that you have enjoyed viewing the horse portrait of Inca and if you have a horse that you would like painted in oils on canvas, pleas let us know. We would love to work with you!

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4 thoughts on “Horse Portrait of Inca

  1. WOW! The sheen on the bridle leather mirrors Inca’s silky coat. I literally could feel it under my fingers as I looked at the detail in the painting. Kudos to Nicholas again! And what a beautifully cared for animal. So nice to see.

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