Cat Portrait in Oils of Dudley

Welcome to Nicholas’ latest cat portrait in oils of Dudley. Kirstie and Gordon emailed recently to ask if Nicholas would be happy tot take on a commission and paint their beautiful cat called Dudley. They had a very specific photo they wanted us to use, which was absolutely perfect for a portrait. Plus, Dudley was so photpogenic, he was going to be so stunning in the painting.

Overall this commission has been utterly delightful and we have really enjoyed working with our clients from the outset. Dudley sadly passed away during the commissioning process, so this painting will serve to be a wonderful reminder to our clients Gordon and Kirstie from Scotland. The painting is a 14 x 14 cat portrait in oils and you can read an email Kirstie sent when she saw photos of their cat portrait in oils ready to leave the studio on its way to them..

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
……Words cannot express our delight with the framed portrait – I was in tears it is so beautiful.   Everything about it is perfect. …. Thank you so much again for all your painstaking trouble keeping us updated, it has all been great fun and it is hard to believe that Dudley will soon be hanging on our wall…..
Kirstie and Gordon

Cat Portrait in Oils

Cat Portrait in Oils of Dudley – Happy Clients!

We are thrilled to be able to add the photos of Dudley’s cat portrait in oils below completed and displayed in our clients home. You can also see our clients new cat Roly who made an appearance for the photos too! We are absolutely thrilled and delighted that Gordon and Kirstie are happy with their painting as you can read in their testimonial. We cant thank them enough for taking and sharing their photos with us – Thank you!!

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,

I know you will be relieved to hear that your beautifully packaged parcel has just arrived safely and we have Dudley up on the wall just where we had planned. He is absolutely stunning and we are thrilled!

The frame has been a really good choice, perfect colours and not too heavy and we noticed how beautifully it has been finished even to the thoughtful addition of felt pads at the back.

Again, very many thanks to you both for all your thoughtful care, attention and amazing talent which have combined to make this commission a huge success.

Best wishes to you both,
Gordon & Kirstie x

It is really lovely to see Dudley’s cat portrait in oils, he is in his forever home. It’s like he is watching over the household which is perfect.

Cat Portrait in Oils – Photos

Here are some lovely photos of Dudleys cat portrait in oil completed prior to framing. I took some candid photos on the plan chest for everyone to see. You may have already spotted the book Dudley is leaning upon. It is called ‘The Little Book of Calm for Cats’. The perfect book for the painting.

Cat Portrait in Oils

The canvas you see below was created bespoke for Dudleys cat portrait in oils. We bespoke order our square canvases. The canvas shape is really important as it has to fit with the design of the portrait and photo.

Cat Portrait in Oils

Cat Portrait in Oils – In Detail

Here are a few photos of the portrait with Nicholas’ hand and brush to show scale. The portrait was still on his easel at this point so the colours don’t show exactly correctly.

Cat Portrait in Oils

Showing photos like this really helps our viewers to get an idea of the overall size of the painting. Also adding the brush and Nicholas’s hand in the scene helps our viewers understand a little how it is all completed. Also shows how small the brushes are too.

Cat Portrait in Oils

One of the final things Nicholas does on his cat oil paintings is to add the whiskers. As you can see Dudley has some very beautiful whiskers too. It takes a steady hand and plenty of concentration to paint them too.

Cat Portrait in Oils of Dudley

Cat Portrait in Oils of Dudley – Framed

Kirstie and Gordon chose a beautiful gold frame which we felt worked really beautifully with the overall colour pallet of the painting. The frame is exquisite, good enough for the National Gallery London!

Cat Portrait Framed

Here is a close up photo of the portrait and as you can see the framers have created the frame to a depth deep enough the colour the entire canvas so it doesn’t stick out the back. That is something to watch out for when you are framing your own oil portraits, that it covers the back of the canvas in it entirety. Otherwise you will be able to see the canvas when you look at the painting from the side.

Cat Portrait in Oils of Dudley

If you need any help or guidance if you are framing your own painting, please do drop us a line. We will be more than happy to help you. If you would also like to commission a cat oil portrait similar to Dudley. please do drop us a line at anytime.

Cat Portrait Framed

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