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Melanie’s Monthly News in May!

Welcome to Melanie’s Monthly News in May! To go alongside our artwork posts, I thought I would do a little news of what’s been happening here each month. All about two pet portrait artists and their dog on their travels outside of the studio. Lots of photos!

We have finally had some wonderful weather here this month in May. The garden is looking beautiful once again after the very long winter we had. We spent the recent bank holiday weekend stacking the woodshed with logs that had been drying outside for a couple of years. A few years ago we had a large tree felled next to the studio and so it will keep us warm for the next couple of winters. 70 wheelbarrows up the garden later….!

The Japanese Acer’s are looking at their best too, I really love the deep red coloured varieties which stand out beautifully from the spring green colours. The daisy’s and poppies are always a favourite cottage garden flower and the Rhododendron flowers are amazing this year, I took a close up photo of one for you all to see.

pet portraits garden
pet portraits garden
pet portraits garden

Lily enjoys the garden in the summer months too and loves to sit outside and peruse her surroundings. Especially if there is a table to sit on so she is higher up. Ever the alarm dog! This photo of her is down by the studio and as you can see behind, I’m trying to bring on two young Japanese Acer’s down here. They are only small at the moment, however the colour of the one behind Lily is beautiful.

pet portraits garden

Melanie’s Monthly News in May – Short Break in North Wales

Earlier this month we had a weekend away in North Wales as a last minute getaway. We went mainly as the weather was so lovely and it’s great to have a few days break allowing us to feel refreshed to come back to work. We rented a cottage for a few days which was amazing. I will add a photo of the inside below. It was a really old cottage which had been fully renovated, with little stone steps up to a mezzanine bedroom. Outside was secluded, complete with a hammock and bbq and amazing views.

north wales holiday cottage

Hiking in North Wales

We did a days hike in the mountains. First we climbed up through woodland and I have added a photo below for you to see the amazing steps through the trees. It went on like this for a good mile – up and up! If you scroll down you can then see a view photo of when we got to the top, it revealed a wonderful panorama.  We then headed for the village which you can see in the distance of the view photo, called Beddgellert. We stoped for a well deserved ice-cream. Heading back along a beautiful river walk which was really pretty and you can see Lily enjoyed a paddle.

North Wales Holiday
North Wales Holiday
North Wales Holiday
North Wales Holiday

Walk to Barmouth

We were able to walk to Barmouth from our holiday cottage which we did one evening. Saw the sun set, it was a little chilly but so pretty as you can see from the photo.

North Wales Holiday

New Quay Beach Walk

We enjoy taking lily to the coast near where we live to a little place called New Quay. Not to be confused with the larger Cornish version. The spring tides are here at the moment and so the tide goes right out allowing lots of room to walk around from one beach at New Quay, to the next beach along called Cai Bach (meaning small quay). If any of our readers are visiting West Wales, The Lime Crab fish and Chip shop is a must! Particularly their Tempura Prawns and chips with chilli sauce dip!


Carew Castle and Mill Visit

I have to go regularly to the dentist in Pembrokeshire so we have a chance to investigate the area when we are there. At the start of May we went to Carew Castle and Mill which is located in Pembrokeshire a couple of hours from us. It was a cold day but stayed dry for our visit. The site has been excavated to reveal an Iron age settlement. The later edition, being the castle and parts of what you see today date back to the 12th century with a number of later editions still for instance the big bath stone windows, which are much later in date.

Carew Castle
Carew Castle
Carew Castle

The Mill dates back form the 1800’s and was completely fascinating. I did take many photos inside and have added a couple to show you here. Recommended for visiting and dog friendly too!

Carew Castle
Carew Castle
Carew Castle

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  • Kathleen Stanton

    Your garden views are amazing, and the old mill looks quite a bit like the old mill that we have here in Mora. If you ever come this way, make sure it’s during Millfest, when they get it running and show how grain was ground and refined. It’s really quite something to see the whole thing going, run by water power and canvas straps, rumbling away.

    • petportraitartist

      Hi Kathleen,
      Thrilled you like our Monthly roundup with photos and garden pics. The garden is looking lovely now, far better this time of the year than winter that’s for sure! Mills are fascinating aren’t they and I bet yours is amazing when it is running, all the whirring and rumbling. I hope that you are keeping well and enjoying the summer.
      Melanie x

  • Bob

    Hi Melanie
    Great photos and great newsletter
    Loved the photos of northern Wales a beautiful place I sure can see how it stimulate ones artist juices. Loved it.
    Keep it up really enjoy seeing.
    Best wishes

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