Spaniel Pencil Pet Portraits

Welcome to my latest Spaniel pencil pet portraits! My drawing is of two beautiful spaniels called Jenny a Fern. My clients Tara and Mark purchased a gift voucher for Gail as a leaving gift. Gail adores her two spaniels and Tara thought it would be the perfect gift to thank Gail for all her hard work she had done over the years with their company. How very thoughtful!

Gail emailed me lots of photos of her Spaniels when she received her voucher. She had taken some especially for the portrait as she had plenty of time to prepare. As soon as I received the photos, I began to sort through them to find two photos that would work well together and ones that Gail felt really captured each dogs charachter. The Spaniels are called Jenny and Fern and are mother and daughter. There is a size difference between them in real life so we decided to show this in the drawing. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing both Jenny and Fern and you can see the finished Spaniel pencil pet portraits below.

Spaniel Pencil Pet Portraits – Photos

Here are a few photos of the portrait on my plan chest with my pencils to show scale. I love taking photos of my portraits in this way. It gives a much more natural feel and I hope helps our readers really see what the portraits are like.

As you can see lots of detail went into drawing both dogs, especially their curly ears and soft muzzles. Spaniels are one of my favourite breeds to draw.

Spaniel Pencil Pet Portraits – Happy Clients!

Gail emailed when she received the completed portrait and sent us this wonderful photo of the portrait displayed in their home.

Hi Melanie,
Received the picture yesterday all in tact. Both my husband and I are very very please with it. The picture looks amazing in the frame.  Thank You again for everything, it has been well worth the wait.
Gail xx

happy client pet portraits

Spaniel Gift Vouchers

Gail received one of my Gift Vouchers. It is a little more personal than just a general gift voucher that you can buy online. Every client who orders, receives a personalised and bespoke card designed by myself, printed via Moonpig, so it can be sent anywhere in the world in a matter of days. Inside the card it also includes personalised text along information about the commission, the front of the card shows photos of the subject and the proposed portrait too. This means it is completely bespoke to the recipient. If you would like to read more about the service, pop over to my website and visit my Gift Voucher page.

Spaniel Pencil Pet Portraits – Framed

The short video below shows my pencil drawing and frame in more detail. I thought I would add it here for our readers to view as it shows the portrait well too. It is a really lovely frame and very popular with my clients.

I have also added some close up photos below which I took just prior to packing the portrait up and sending it on its way to Gail.

Spaniel Pencil Pet Portraits

Finally I hope that you have enjoyed viewing all of the photos and reading about my latest pencil pet portraits commission. If you would like me to draw your Spaniel, please drop me a line at any time.

Spaniel Pencil Pet Portraits

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