Dog Pencil Drawing

Welcome to my latest dog pencil drawing of a gorgeous dog called Stormy. The portrait was commissioned by a lovely family here in the UK. I spoke to Mike on the phone a number of times making the arrangements for his pencil drawing. Sadly Stormy is no longer with us and so the drawing will be such a lovely reminder for all of the family.

I drew Stormy at 12 x 10 size, traditionally hand drawn by myself, Melanie. As you can see from the photos below, the portrait was framed by our framer. We also commisioned our engraver to create a silver polished plauqe to complete everything beautifully. I really hope you enjoy viewing the photos of my latest dog pencil drawing below!

Dog Pencil Drawing

Mick emailed me when he received the finished pencil drawing and as you will read, he was delighted. I am so pleased as this has turned out to be one of my favourite drawings to date.

Good afternoon Melanie,
Storm arrived safely and everyone was stunned by the likeness it’s as if she had walked through the door again. We have revised where we put her so I hope we have her in a place where she can see what’s happening and to time it right to come for a titbit if anyone’s eating. I have taken a couple of pictures but hope to get better ones when the light is brighter on a sunny day.
Once again thank you for a wonderful likeness.

Dog Pencil Drawing

Dog Pencil Drawing Photos

I find the photos taken from an angle really allow the pencil drawing to be seen in detail. I love them and these photos in particular came out really dynamically. The addition of my pencils really allow the images to not only have scale but almost make the drawings feel three dimensional too.

Dog Drawing

If you would also like a dog pencil drawing similar to the portrait of Stormy, you are welcome to get in touch at anytime. You can email or WhatsApp your photos and we can discuss which would work best for a pencil drawing along with your required size.

Dog Pencil Drawing

I am always willing to work with clients on special deadline dates too, just let me know the occasion and we can make all the arrangements.

Dog Drawing

Dog Pencil Drawing – Framed with an Engraved Plaque

Here are a few photos of the portrait of Stormy all framed. We used the Madison Slate frame along with a beautiful engraved silver plaque. Arent they beautiful! The Madison frame is one of our favourite frames for the pencil drawings, especially with the lovely dark colour mount accenting between the cream mount and the frame. It really sets off the drawing so well.

Dog Pencil Drawing Framed

Finally the silver polished plaque is gorgeous. Our engraver used a script font which works beautifully for Stormy s plaque. We hope that you all like it as much as we do!

Framed with Plaque

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