Black Labrador Oil Portrait

Welcome to our Black Labrador Oil Portrait which is the first oil painting of January! It was lovely to get back into the studio and start on the next batch of paintings and drawings.

Our client Drinda sadly lost her Black Labrador Brhyer in 2018 and missed him dearly. Drinda is a returning customer and so hopefully the painting of Bryher will match in well with the other portraits Nicholas has painted of her Labradors.

Drinda sent of some beautiful photos of Brhyer and one really stood out to us. We felt it would make for a lovely painting, so we created the mockup which you can see on the left. After chatting to Drinda, we decided to have a warmer, more neutral background. This is what is great about mockups, we can play around with colours, tones and designs in the computer before putting brush to canvas.

You can read a few emails from Drinda below and scroll to see some close up photos too.

Dear Melanie,
The painting is lovely, just like our boy. Can’t wait to see it “in the flesh”!
Good wishes

Black Labrador Oil Portrait

Nicholas with the Oil Portrait

I took a photo of Nicholas with the portrait of Bryher which you can see below. I also took some photos of the portrait with Nicholas’ hand and paintbrush in for you to see the scale. It’s been quite a while since Nicholas painted a Labrador so he really enjoyed painting Brhyer. You can view an oil portrait he painted last year with a chocolate, black and yellow Lab all in one painting.

Black Labrador Oil Portrait

Dear Melanie
Thanks for sending the stages pictures: they look great and as usual Nicholas has really captured Bryher rather than just a dog. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best wishes

Black Labrador Oil Portrait

Black Labrador Oil Portrait – Commissions

Do you have a black Labrador similar to Brhyer that you would like painted? If you do, start taking photos of them today. We always encourage everyone we see to continuously take photos of their pets anyway, but if you are interested in commissioning a Black Labrador Oil Portrait from Nicholas, or perhaps myself as a pencil drawing, good photos of them are key.

Nicholas has over 20 years of experience in painting dogs and other animals. He is mostly known for creating oil paintings on canvas that have a beautiful lifelike quality and detail. He uses a variety of techniques, such as glazing, blending, and scumbling, to achieve realistic effects and textures.

Nicholas captured his expressive eyes, shiny coat, and happy smile in a stunning portrait that Drinda cherishes. You can see the portrait and read more about the process on our website here.

Black Labrador Oil Portrait

If you would like to commission your own Black Labrador Oil Portrait from Nicholas, please contact us via our contact page or drop us a message on WhatsApp. We will guide you through the steps and answer any questions you might have. We guarantee that you will love your portrait and enjoy it for years to come. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate your best friend with a Black Labrador Oil Portrait from Nicholas!

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