Pencil Pet Portrait Montage

Welcome to my first drawing of the year, a pencil pet portrait montage of Mikey. A lovely client in the USA commissioned the portrait of Mikey. Sadly Mikey passed away last year and so he felt that this Pencil Pet Portrait Montage be a wonderful reminder of Mikey for all of his family.

Russell emailed lots of lovely photos of Mikey and requested a montage portrait. Between us we chose three photos for the smaller studies and one larger full body photo for the main study. As a result, they all work really well together as you can see from the final photo below.

Pencil Pet Portrait Montage

Nicholas took a couple of photos of me while I was working on the drawing, along with one where Lily our dog was sitting on my lap. However, having said that I don’t draw with her on my lap! She was just visiting for cuddles!

Melanie, Lily and the Montage

Quite spectacular Melanie. You have captured Mikey’s personality and he was a very gentle, loving boy. I am delighted with the images you have sent, please go ahead and frame. Can’t wait now. Did I mention I can’t wait, yep I did. Thanks Melanie you are truly talented.
Kind regards

Pencil Pet Portrait Montage

Pencil Pet Portrait Montage Photos

Here are a few candid photos of the portrait on my plan chest in the studio. Capturing the portraits from an angle with my pencils helps to give scale to the drawing. Scroll down to read more about the frame and see photos.

Pencil Pet Portrait Montage Detail

My montage pencil portraits are a beautiful way to capture the unique personality of your pet, just like I have here with Mikey. If you’re interested in commissioning a montage drawing, the first step is to send me plenty of photos so that I can create a design, similar to Mikey’s portrait here. All of my montage drawing designs are completely unique – which is the beauty of them!

Close up of the drawing

Once you have sent photos we can discuss your dog and its characteristics and really create a drawing that captures all of their looks. If they are anything like my dog, they have lots of little ‘looks’ or things they do, that if captured in a photo, can really make you smile when drawn in a portrait. And that’s what a drawing is all about, especially when a pet has passed, bringing back wonderful memories.

Pencil Pet Portrait Montage

Pencil Pet Portrait Montage – Engraved Plaque

In addition to the Pencil Pet Portrait Montage, engraved plaques are a perfect way to complete my portraits. They are amazing and clients can have as much text as they require. Most of our frames work with the plaques, although it is a consideration when choosing the frame. Consequently, our traditional Flat frame works beautifully with them.

Engraved Plaque

Plaques come in two different colours, silver or bronze. Similarly, with a with a mirrored surface or a brushed steel. Mikey’s is a bronze mirrored plaque which matches beautifully with the frame.

Engraved Plaque

Pencil Pet Portrait Montage Framed

In addition I have added some of the framed portrait below. Our framer has created a double mount with an inner colour of a pale grey which matches well with the graphite drawing. The top mount is ‘Hayseed’ in colour which is slightly textured and a very pale cream. All beautifully natural therefore, allowing the drawing to take centre stage.

Pencil Pet Portrait Montage Framed

Finally, if you would like the Traditional Flat frame, or you would like a montage drawing of your dog, please don’t hesitate to email me at any time from my pet portraits contact page.

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