Dog Oil Portrait

Welcome to our latest dog oil portrait of Spyder. Nicholas traditionally hand painted Spyder for clients Karen and her family in Ohio, USA. Karen’s husband took some beautiful photos of their dog Spyder specifically for their dog oil portrait which was perfect.

Karen initially asked for an 18 x 14 size, however we felt that a bespoke size of 17 x 15 inches size would work best. It seemed to fit well with the composition of Spyder’s photo. We always add one of our dog portrait stickers to the back of them too, read about them in our recent blog post!

We created a few mockups prior to painting the dog portrait of Spyder to show Karen and her husband. This allowed them to see what Spyder would look like on different tonal backgrounds. Ranging from light, mid and dark tones, we all agreed that a warm mid to dark tone worked the best. From viewing the completed dog oil portrait below, I think we were all correct! It really helps to bring Spyder into to full focus with his beautiful silvery fur and of course the background is very similar to his eye colouring.

Dog Oil Portrait

Dog Oil Portrait – Photos

Karen emailed below when she saw the final photo of Spyder. She also requested a photo of us with the portrait which you can see below too! It was taken in our studio, we used the camera timer hence both of us being in the same photo!

Melanie and Nicholas – thank you thank you thank you!!!  Simply put, it is just beautiful!  And thank you for taking the photo with both of you in it.


Melanie and Nicholas with the Dog Oil Portrait of Spyder

Dog Oil Portrait – Detailed Photos

I took some up close photos of Spyder’s portrait in the studio too. You can see Nicholas and his paintbrush in the scene too. We hope you like them! If you would like to commission your own portrait similar to this, why not head to our pet portraits website and contact us from there.

Detailed Photo of Spyder
Up Close Photos of Spyder

Dog oil portraits are a beautiful way to capture the essence of your pets. Nicholas specialises in creating stunning oil portraits of dogs, cats, and horses just like this oil painting of Spyder.

A close up Detail of Spyder

If you’re looking for a unique way to immortalise your pet, a dog oil portrait by Nicholas is an excellent choice. Additionally, Nicholas has been painting dogs in oil for over 25 years and was professionally trained in the South of England for animal and wildlife painting and illustration. 

Detailed Photo of Spyder

Nicholas uses traditional oil paints and hand paints his dog portraits from your own photos, painted on Linen Canvas. Finally, if you are interested in commissioning a dog oil portrait by Nicholas Beall, visit our website in the navigation above. to view our gallery of previous commissions. We look forward to working with you on your dog portrait in the coming months!

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