Melanie’s February News

Welcome to Melanie’s February News! This month has flown by again. I cant quite believe we are at the end of February already. We have had a busy month, we have been to a few places although mainly detours when on errands so no actual proper days out as such.

Having said that we did have to go to Cornwall all of a sudden, in the middle of the snowy weather. Nicholas’ mum had a minor accident and we travelled overnight to get to the Hospital in Plymouth at 1am in the morning! Thankfully she is ok and just had a lot of recovering to do.

We stayed a couple of days to do shopping for them and make sure both Nicholas’ parents were ok. We also took Lily for a walk along the beach and rock pools in Looe. It was a very cold day but completely clear and sunny. As you can see from the photos below we were bundled up! Lily enjoyed herself too. It wasn’t ice cream weather but we did have a traditional pastie…or two! You can’t visit Cornwall and not have a pastie!

Melanie's February News Melanie In Looe, Cornwall
Melanie in Looe, Cornwall
Melanie's February News Nicholas In Looe
Nicholas in Looe, Cornwall
Melanie's February News Melanie's February News
Lily Paddling!
Melanie's February News Sunset in Looe, Cornwall
Sunset in Looe, Cornwall

My Valentine’s day Lilies are doing very well, they smell beautiful and the fragrance fills the kitchen. Lilies and freesias are definitely my favourite flowers. I hope that our readers also received something nice on Valentine’s day too…!

Melanie's February News Valentines Flowers
Valentine’s Day Flowers!

Melanie’s February News Aberaeron, Wales

On one of our days of errands, we took a diversion and stopped at a little coastal town called Aberaeron. It’s a good place to get Fish and Chips – or my favourite Scampi and Chips. We ate them on the harbour. It was another bright and sunny but cold day, good for taking a few photos.

Melanie's February News Aberaeron, Wales
Aberaeron, Wales
Melanie's February News Aberaeron Harbour, Wales
View over the Harbour
Melanie's February News Aberaeron Harbour, Wales
Aberaeron Harbour, Wales

Lily is quite fluffy at the moment and will be going to the groomers next month. In the mean time we keep brushing her…well it doesn’t look like it does it! One shake and she is back to her tousled self!

Melanie's February News

The chickens are really enjoying the spring weather, we are having some beautiful days and they love coming out and about in the garden and woodland. They are in their 6th year and are semi retired. I do get an egg occasionally…!

Melanie's February News Chickens in the Woodland
Chickens in the Woodland

Our chickens love eating the grass and bugs they find in the woodland, thankfully though they don’t touch the Snowdrops! The woodland is covered with them and it’s a lovely time of year when they pop up and flower. The promise of warmer weather and longer lighter evenings ahead.

Melanie's February News Snowdrops in the Woodland
Snowdrops in the Woodland

The Camellia is also in flower. We have two, a light pink and a red. The light pink hasn’t flowered yet but the red is in full flow and nearly going over. It’s only a small shrub at the moment as we bought them both only a couple of years ago, so hopefully it will start to put a spurt on and grow a bit this year.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about Melanie’s February News and what has been happening here. If you missed last months you can find it here – Melanie’s January News. We hope that you also had a good February. I’ll add another post in March!

Melanie's February News Camellia's in Flower
Camellia’s in Flower

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4 thoughts on “Melanie’s February News

  1. Wow, spring is coming to you earlier than to us, even though we are at 36 degrees north (parallel) – in line with Tunis! I guess the sea (and our altitude) makes all the difference. Delighted to hear about your doings, and the new portraits are beautiful. Best, Kathleen

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      I really hope spring comes for you soon Kathleen! Its turned a little colder here however the cherry tree is flowering and that is always a good sign, its coming up to my favourite time of year 🙂 Thrilled you like the new portraits on our blog, lots more to follow 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!
      Melanie x

  2. Melanie, I really like your news. Thank you for letting me into your life this way. Life in Arizona USA has been chilly this winter. Here in Green Valley, we received about 3 inches of snow last week. A record. It didn’t last long, as the sun came out and made short work of the wet white stuff. I was glad to see it go. Sounds like you two have been very busy. My Lily needs a grooming as well. Thank you, and the very best to you and yours. Linda in Arizona

    1. Hi Linda,
      Glad to hear that you are well and that the snow didn’t last long for you. Its always lovely to see it, but not for too long! I hope the weather warms up for you too. Lily is off grooming here today, I hope that your Lily is all clipped and tidy now too. So glad you enjoy the news blog, that’s brilliant!!! Have a lovely weekend! Melanie x

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