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Vizsla Pencil Drawing

Welcome to my latest Vizsla pencil drawing of Kiwi. Catherine commissioned the portrait, who was a returning client. Very sadly Catherine’s good friend lost her young Vizsla, Kiwi, in a tragic car accident. Consequently the family were devastated. Catherine felt that it would be really lovely to have a drawing of Kiwi to give as a gift.

Catherine opted to have an 8 x 6 pencil drawing which is a wonderful size for a drawing when giving as a gift. Also great to commission for yourself, however really lovely thoughtful gift for others!

I have added a final photo of Kiwi below, as well as a really lovely testimonial from Catherine…

Vizsla Pencil Drawing
Vizsla Pencil Drawing


Thanks once again for working with me on this, it means a lot…and I know it will mean even more to Andrea.

Warm regards

Vizsla Pencil Drawing

I have taken a few photos of the portrait with my pencils to show scale. As you can also see Catherine asked me to write Kiwi’s name on the portrait too with a small line of text. I am always happy to create any writing clients would like. If you would like to see another small portrait, pop over to see my recent drawing of Ushi at 10 x 8 size.

Vizsla Pencil Drawing
Final Portrait Vizsla Pencil Drawing

If you would also like to commission your own 8 x 6 pencil drawing of your dog or cat, head on over to my website. Take a look at my pencil pet portrait prices page and also contact me from there with your photos. I have a dedicated page eon my website with lots more 8 x 6 drawings too along with photos of them framed.

Vizsla Pencil Drawing Portrait
Vizsla Pencil Drawing Portrait
Vizsla Pencil Pet Portrait
Pencil Pet Portrait

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