English Bulldog Pet Portrait

Welcome to Nicholas’ latest English Bulldog Pet Portrait in oils on canvas. Our client Mark contacted us earlier this year to see if Nicholas could create an oil painting of his English Bulldog.

The only problem was that Rocco was no longer with us. Mark dearly wanted to have Rocco portrayed in his garden outside. however the only photos he had were of Rocco indoors, in his lounge. So we set about creating a mockup to show Mark which allowed Rocco to be outside in a garden setting. You can see the photo below that Mark wanted us to use as the basis of the portrait.

As you can see from the final painting below, Nicholas has been very successful in placing Rocco outside standing in grass. The bonus with the photo of Rocco indoors was that there was light coming from a window on the left. This actually made it convincing for Rocco to be standing outside. It is often very difficult to transpose photo of pets to an outside scene if they have been taking indoors. This is due to lighting from a ceiling room light or a camera flash.

Overall the painting has a lovely feel to it. Note the warm reflected light on the white areas of Rocco’s coat along with the lovely light that is shining on his head and rolls of fur. This really helps to create not only the realness of the portrait but the three dimensional form on Rocco too.

The painting was created at a bespoke size of 15 x 13 inches. This worked well with the composition of Mark’s photos and the background scene. Mark emailed the following when he received the painting…

Thank you Melanie and Nicholas,
Rocco’s portrait is amazing. Everybody loves it. I can’t Thank You enough. Rocco was part of our family for 5 years. Now we have him back. Awesome. 
Mark Heinl

The Finished English Bulldog Pet Portrait

English Bull Dog Portrait

Mark very kindly took some photos of the oil painting when it was displayed in his home. The testimonial below is from when Mark saw the final photos prior to framing.

Hi Melanie, 
The portrait is perfect. Unbelievable! I love it! Nicholas captured him perfectly. No changes are needed. 
Mark Heinl

English Bull Dog Portrait Framed
English Bull Dog Portrait Framed

English Bulldog Pet Portrait – Painting Rocco

Nicholas paints his portraits with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each painting takes many hours of work and he stands at his easel each day painting our clients pets. The photos below show Nicholas at work putting the finishing touches to Marks oil painting of Rocco.

Painting Rocco
Painting Rocco

English Bulldog Pet Portrait Framed

In addition to the painting, Mark chose to have Rocco framed and the rich dark tones of the frame. They work beautifully with the background and dark tones of Rocco. Also the gold line enhances the warm ochre’s and greens in the painting and pulls everything together superbly.

Hampstead Frame

Would you like to commission an English Bulldog Portrait?

Commissioning an English Bulldog pet portrait by Nicholas in oils on canvas is a pretty straightforward process. Nicholas and myself are there every step of the way. We offer a bespoke service, allowing you to choose the size of the canvas that best suits your needs just like we have done for Mark.

Close up of the Hampstead Frame

The process always begins with you sending us your photos, whether it is via email or WhatsApp. Even if your Bulldog photo isn’t perfect, don’t worry. We have worked wonders with photos similar to the portrait of Rocco. Simply email your photos, and we can let you know what the possibilities are.

Another close up showing the depth of the frame

Once we have chatted about the photos and worked out a good composition and some ideas with your input and guidance, Nicholas will begin the process of creating the oil painting for you. He pays great attention to detail, capturing the unique characteristics and personality of your Bulldog. The result is a beautiful, lifelike portrait that you can cherish for years to come.

Detail of the corner of the painting and frame

Get in touch today!

Why settle for a half-good photo on your phone when you can have a perfect oil painting on your wall? Commissioning is easy. Just visit our contact page and email or WhatsApp us from there. It’s a simple process that results in a stunning piece of art that truly captures the essence of your beloved pet. if an oil portrait isn’t what you are looking for, then having a pencil portrait is a very classic option. Have a look at my latest triple dog portrait in pencil of three dogs and read the story behind it!

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