Cat Portraits in Oils – Cat Portrait of Roly

Welcome to our most recent cat portrait in oils of Roly. He is a very handsome cat, painted for returning clients in Scotland by Nicholas. Kirstie commissioned the portrait as a gift for her husband’s birthday. Gordon was over the moon with the portrait and you can see a really lovely happy photo of Gordon. We are absolutely thrilled too! We have also aded a photo of the painting in situ at the bottom of the page, scroll down to see more…

Cat Portraits in Oils - Cat Portrait of Roly
Cat Portraits in Oils – Gordon with his Painting

The oil painting was a 14 x 12 size Italian linen canvas and Kirstie emailed us lots of beautiful photos of Roly. I had already drawn him in this pose for a pencil drawing montage with their other cat Archie, commissioned by Gordon for Kirstie earlier this year. You can see it here – Cat Pencil Portrait.

The photo of Roly was taken in the ‘Pod’ in the garden. You can see the white edging behind Roly which is part of the Pod itself. If you look closely you can also see the garden seat which was another important element to capture. The final photo of Roly’s oil painting is below, scroll down to see the painting with brush on the easel.

The final photo - Cat Portraits in Oils

Cat Portraits in Oils in Progress

Nicholas was adding the final finishing touches so I took some close up photos. We love adding close up photos like this to help our readers see the lovely fine detail he has created. As with all of Nicholas’ artwork it is amazing to go right up close to see the individual brush strokes. In addition, you can also scroll down to see photos of the painting framed with it’s plaque too.

Up Close Detail
Cat Portraits in Oils - Cat Portrait of Roly
Oil portrait in Detail

Cat Portrait in Oils Framed

The cat portraits in oils is framed using our Hampstead Frame. It also has with a bronze engraved plaque to match. The plaques sit well on this frame and the colours all match well too. The overall colour scheme of the entire piece works beautifully with the painting and colouring of Roly, especially the greens and neutral colours in the garden scene behind.

Cat Portraits in Oils - Cat Portrait of Roly
Close up of the portrait framed
Bronze plaque with line edging detail
Cat Portraits in Oils - Cat Portrait of Roly

Would you like a Cat Portrait in Oils?

We hope you enjoyed reading our Cat Portraits in Oils – Cat Portrait of Roly blog and found some inspiration for your own furry friends portrait. If you would like to have a portrait of your cat, either in pencil or oil, by either myself or Nicholas, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you. All you need to do is send us some photos of your cat and let us know your requirements. You can contact us by email or WhatsApp via our website. We look forward to working with you soon!

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