Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge

Welcome to the Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge, commissioned by a lovely client called Thaddeus based in Singapore. Thaddeus contacted us via WhatsApp from our website and I had a lovely chat with Thaddeus to find out his requirements and about the portrait of Dodge. It bought tears to my eyes reading about Dodge and how they were caring for him so beautifully, what a cherished and loved dog.

….Dodge is 17 and has been through quite a bit. He’s had 2 spinal ops and had an eye removed a few years ago due to a torn cornea. He’s quite a fighter, this little chap. For the last 3-4 years he’s progressively lost the use of all his legs and can’t stand anymore. In fact he doesn’t seem to feel anything from his shoulders down. He needs to be expressed 6-7 times a day and is effectively bed ridden. Apart from that, he’s great. He tells us when he’s hungry or thirsty or happy. Last week he was admitted to vet hospital. His kidneys weren’t doing well. We bring him home today. It’s pretty much palliative care for him from now on. This portrait really is a gift to my wife, Jillian. She’s had Dodge since he was 7 weeks old…..

I knew that this would be an extremely special commission and we would do everything we could to honour Dodge’s life in paint and pencil. Thaddeus commissioned both Nicholas and myself to capture Dodge in two poses, one straight on as an oil painting and one side profile for a pencil drawing.

Heartfelt Unboxing Videos

Before telling the story of Dodges portraits, we thought you would like to start with these two videos of Jillian opening the portraits of Dodge. We hope you are as touched as we were.

The Story of the Oil Painting

Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge

Thaddeus sent us a link to Dropbox with a large array of photos of Dodge for us to look through. Along with a few ideas we helped him choose a photo that not only captured Dodge how they remembered him a few years prior, but showed his eyes and alert ears beautifully.

We decided to zoom in on the head and create a head and chest study which allowed us to focus on Dodge’s facial features and really capture his personality and character.

The neutral background also allows the focus to be on Dodge and we always find it’s a good idea to choose a similar colour for the background, that is in the subject, so both subject and background integrate well together. Nicholas also has graduated the background so that its slightly darker behind the white areas to allow them to stand out. Plus it adds interest too.

Oil Painting of Dodge

The Story of the Pencil Drawing

Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge

The photo we were going to use for the pencil drawing needed to be completely different from the photo for the oil painting. We needed to choose a photo that captured Dodge slightly differently, almost showing a different side of him.

So the side profile photo we found in Thaddeus’s photos was perfect! It shows him wistfully gazing out of the window, very serene and calm. The light was perfect and I slightly shaded around Dodge so that the white whiskers could show up too. He almost has a smile on his face don’t you think?

I really love capturing dogs from the side, its like we are looking into their world and just watching them from afar. Having drawn a number from this angle and I should really collect them together and put them all in one place on my website. I will add it to the to do list!

Pencil Drawing of Dodge

Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow. I especially love the pencil portrait. Its a pensive and poignant capture of Dodge. I also think the oil painting is meticulously and magnificently done.

Thaddeus (WhatsApp)

Oil Paintings VS Pencil Drawings

The drawing and painting shown together below gives a good comparison between an oil painting and a pencil drawing. Over the years we have tried and tested and been commissioned using most of the mediums available. From oil, pencils, coloured pencils, acrylic, watercolour to mixed media.

However the two that always stand out for us are pencil and oils. Plus we each love our dedicated, specialist mediums. Both are classic mediums that fit well in any home setting from traditional to ultra modern.

Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge

The oil paintings can be painted to any size. They can be a lovely intimate small piece for an office or snug. Going up in size for an over the mantle display can work really well. Alternatively a huge conversational piece for a large stately room. Pencil drawings are similar, however they are best kept to a small to medium size, but can be mount / matted and framed much larger so can really make a statement. Especially when choosing a black or dark frame with a wide mount / matt. They can look spectacular. So both mediums are perfect for us, our clients and their homes.

Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge

Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge Videos

Here is a little video I made of the portraits all ready to be packed in their respective packaging. They were then sent to Singapore to our clients for their forever home.

Packing the portraits...

Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge – Happy Clients

Here are some photos of the portraits all framed and displayed in our clients home. Both have been framed beautifully and Dodge will be truly remembered by his family. He was one very special dog and equally has two very special parents.

It is absolutely beautiful and I am bereft of words to tell you how much this means to us. Jillian was all tears and it just feels like Dodge just walked in through our doors. All the emotions and memories came flooding back. Thank you and Nicholas for such a tremendous job. You have both been blessed with Dogs Grace and your gift brings such meaning and joy and love into peoples lives. Thank you, thank you, thankyou. We are so grateful.

Thaddeus (WhatsApp)
Client photos of the oil portrait

Now to the framing of the drawing which is perfect. The white wood panelling is the perfect place to display the pencil drawing. It also allows the drawing to have full focus. plus the frame compliments the pencil exquisitely.

Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge

Finally we hope that you have enjoyed reading about the Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing of Dodge. We hope you have enjoyed viewing the videos too. If you have a special dog similar to Dodge that you might like an oil painting or pencil drawing of, please get in touch. We would love to work with you. We only have limited spaces for 2024 so if you would like to save a space please get in touch. If you would like to read about what we have been getting up to this month, head over to our February News too.

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