Pet Portraits With Happy Customers

Welcome to our newest blog post where we have gathered all of the most recent photos of our pet portraits with happy customers. We wanted to share all the beautiful pet portraits photos that our clients have sent us over the recent months. It really does give us so much joy every time we receive photos from our clients, along with their words of gratitude. It has bought us to tears on many occasions.

We get to know our pet portrait clients really well and we have a lovely connection with them. Often many emails and messages will go back and forth between us over the months. We get to know about their pets, family and things that are happening in their lives. This was magnified when we were all going through Covid. It was almost like we were making sure we were all ok and surviving. You can also imagine when clients commission us time and time again, they become part of our lives on and off over the years which is really lovely.

So when we receive photos from our customers, it really is like receiving a warm hug of appreciation. Every photo we receive tells a story, a moment captured in time to celebrate a pet, celebrate a special birthday with a pet, or sadly the memorial of a beloved pet. There are always stories behind our portraits and each one is completely personal and unique to that pet and their family.

So, to all of our amazing clients, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your pet’s story. Your photos bring us joy and happiness and inspire us to continue creating artwork that we know will be cherished and admired for many, many years.

Eva and Rooney

This was a very special pet portrait commission. I have worked with Eva’s sister Marcella on a number of pet portraits. I created a pencil drawing of Rooney a few years ago as a surprise for Eva at Christmas. Rooney was a beautiful English Setter and the portrait I drew of him showed his happy face, tongue out, smiling. A fun loving dog which Eva simply adored. He was her heart dog, like Lily is mine. Unfortunately Rooney was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Marcella commissioned me to draw a portrait of him so that she could gift it to Eva when Rooney had passed away. The drawing shows Rooney with Eva’s other dog, going nose to nose. Marcella said –

“I was wondering if you could do a pencil drawing of her two boys. She loves the ones you’ve done for us to date. The one you did for me of Charlie is on his shrine in my office, and I look at it every day and tell him good morning and I miss him. 

I was so sad to hear about Rooney’s illness and was honoured to create another drawing of him for Eva to cherish. The photo that Marcella had was similar to the drawing, however it was cropped in so you couldn’t see their tails and was taken in a car showroom. So I zoomed out, included their tails and omitted the background. This gave full focus on the central area of the portrait with the noses meeting in a beautiful moment between the two dogs. I really hope that our readers enjoy seeing the drawing in the photo below and I can’t thank Eva enough for taking it for me.


Thank you for the lovely portrait of my boys. I miss Rooney every day and you perfectly captured a special moment between them.


pet portraits with happy customers

Nick and Padfoot

The portrait of Padfoot was from another returning client who wanted to commission a pencil drawing of their Newfoundland dog called Padfoot. Nick purchased a gift voucher just before Christmas, as a surprise for his wife. They wanted a portrait to match the other drawing I had completed for them a few years ago. Nick very kindly took a photo of the drawing framed. It is a beautiful white frame with a black inner mount which really drawn the eye onto the portrait.

Hi Melanie,
We absolutely love the picture it’s fantastic thank you so much. It really captures him well.

Pencil drawing happy cleints

Michael and Kathy – Sam

I very much enjoyed working with Michael and Kathy on their portraits of Sam. They commissioned two drawings of Sam from different times in her life. I think this is a great idea as dogs can change so much over the years. I look back at photos of our dog Lily and think how she has changed in her 10 years. Her fur is styled differently, she was a little more svelte when she was younger too! So commissioning two drawings is a lovely idea. Michael opted for a 12 x 10 and a 16 x 12 portrait and the photo below shows one of the drawings all framed and displayed on their wall. Don’t you just love the colour of their wall!

I can’t describe the emotions that came over my wife and I. Incredible and thank your husband as well, you truly are an amazing artist.

Thank you for the artwork of Sam. We received them today and bought tears to our eyes, Thank you for everything. Michael and Kathy

Portrait of Sam in pencil by Melanie Phillips

Pet Portraits with Happy Customers – Dan, Louise & Molly

The portrait of Molly was commissioned by my client Dan as a surprise gift for his wife. Molly is the most gorgeous Cocker Spaniel. Dan had loads pf photos of Molly, however he wanted one particular photo as the basis of the portrait. He requested the portrait to be ready for his wife’s birthday in March, which I was happy to meet the deadline. The drawing was very well received and I conversed with Dan using WhatsApp the entire time. He messaged when he saw the video I took of the portrait…

I absolutely Love it, Thank you. Dan

The drawing was framed using a framer locally to Dan who did a superb job. We absolutely love receiving photos of our pet portraits with happy customers and this is no exception. I know it is not easy to get dogs to sit for photos when you want them too! So thank you to Dan, Louise and Molly for making this photo below possible!

Thank you so much, So happy with the drawing. Dan and Louise

Photo of Louise and Molly with my drawing of Molly

Thank you once again, Very Happy. Dan

pet portraits with happy customers

Peter with Candy & Flynn

We have worked with our client Peter for many years. Peter lives is the most stunning part of the world in Switzerland. When he sends us photos of his dogs, they are always in front of stunning views. We very much enjoy seeing the dogs and the views! We have created oil paintings, pencil drawings and pastel paintings for Peter over the years and the most recent portraits were of his two dogs Candy & Flynn. Nicholas created these in oils on canvas.

Hi Melanie,
The two paintings are very beautiful, thank you so much. I’ll send pictures once they are framed. Take care and all the best.

Peter sent us some lovely photos of the dogs portraits all framed and displayed in situ along with a portrait Nicholas created in pastel a few years ago. We hope you enjoy viewing the photo below of the paintings.

Hi Melanie,
Here are the two new ones and an older painting by Nicholas.
Best Peter

pet portraits with happy customers

Pet Portraits with Happy Customers – Josh and Khona

The montage drawing of Khona was one that I absolutely loved creating and it was my first portrait at the start of the year. It for an anniversary and birthday surprise combined. Khona is half Pomeranian and half Husky. She is absolutely adorable and the photos of Kohna as a puppy were just so cute. I had so much fun drawing the portrait. Just look at her face in the photo below, isn’t she just beautiful!

Hello, I absolutely love it and it looks amazing. Thank you, its perfect and exactly that I wanted. I can’t wait to receive the drawing. Josh

Josh and myself conversed using WhatsApp to make all of the arrangements for the portrait. He message above then he saw the final video of the drawing. When he received the drawing and had it framed, he got Khona to sit with her portrait. Thank you so much Josh and Khona!

Thank you so much for the drawing

Pencil montage drawing by Melanie Phillips

Gary and Rob

Our client Gary contacted us via WhatsApp asking if we would be able to create an oil painting of his dog called Rob. Gary wanted a 12 x 10 oil painting and had a number of photos of Rob. We actually amalgamated a couple of photos to enable Rob to be depicted without a large collar and just his little red one with a tag.

We all felt that the collar might detract from Robs face. Especially as he was a light colour and the collar was quite heavy in tone and size. Nicholas thoroughly enjoyed painting Rob and we feel the portrait turned out beautifully.

That is perfect, thank you so much. Really looking forward to receiving it! Thank you.

pet portraits with happy customers

We hope that you have enjoyed our blog post about our pet portraits with happy customers. If you missed our previous blog post about our artwork, take a look at Pet Portrait of Dodge in both pencil and oil. We hope that you can come back soon and enjoy more of our blog posts. Until then, keep well and safe wherever you are in the world!

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