Horse Oil Portrait

Welcome to our latest horse oil portrait of Elly. The oil painting of Elly was actually completed earlier this year, however it was for a 50th birthday  surprise. We wanted to make sure that the recipient didn’t see her painting displayed on here until she received the portrait. The recipient was delighted!

The portrait was commissioned by Hannah who was arranging the oil painting for her boss and their family to give as a gift to Elly’s owner. They had already arranged a professional photographer to take photos of Elly, all of which are incredible. They asked if the portrait could be similar in design to Nicholas’s oil painting of George and luckily they had a photo of Elly in a very similar position. The photos were absolutely incredible.

The oil painting was commissioned at 24 x 18 size on Italian Linen canvas. Nicholas thoroughly enjoyed painting Elly and it has to be one of our favourite horse portraits this year.

Hannah emailed when she saw the final photo of Elly’s portrait which you can read below. Scroll down to see some amazing candid photos – you will be impressed with Nicholas’s artwork, I am certain of that!


Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Fantastic! It’s absolutely beautiful, can’t believe how much it looks like her! Her owner is going to love it and I’m so great full you’ve managed to get it done in time for her 50th Birthday!
Many thanks


Final Photo of Elly’s oil painting by Nicholas Beall

Horse Oil Portrait – Photos

Here are a few photos of the oil painting of Elly. They are candid shots I took with our camera of Nicholas with his paintbrush. You can clearly see the delicate brush strokes and paint detail in the oil painting, we hope that you like it! Hannah emailed once the portrait had been presented to the recipient which you can read below.


Hi Melanie,
I still haven’t seen her since her birthday but she sent me a text to say how overwhelmed she was by it and how it captured Elly perfectly.
Many thanks again


Horse Oil Painting
Close up of Elly’s gorgeous eye! 
Horse Oil Painting
A very close up photo of the oil painting of Elly and Nicholas paintbrush
Horse oil painting
Oil portrait of Elly. Candid photo of Nicholas with his paintbrush

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