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Pencil Portrait of Non and Stanley

Here is my pencil portrait of Non and Stanley, two gorgeous collie dogs. Esyllt got in contact in 2014 to find out if I could draw her two collies as a surprise for her husband on his birthday. She emailed some wonderful photos to work with and also told me all about them and their characters.

Esyllt was thrilled and consequently the portrait was a wonderful surprise for her husband Iwan, which you can read below in the testimonial. I hope you like them too!

Hi Melanie,
Just wanted to let you know that Iwan loved the portrait!!! He was so shocked. He couldn’t believe that I was able to keep it all a secret!! I’m definitely in his good books at the moment!! Everyone that has seen it, can’t believe how well you’ve captured them!!
Thank you so much
Esyllt and Iwan

Pencil Portrait of Non and Stanley

Pencil Portrait of Non and Stanley – Framed

In addition, Esyllt very kindly took a photo of the portrait framed which I have added below. I really love the light wood that they have chosen, it works perfectly with the drawing!

Pencil Portrait of Non and Stanley

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