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Cat Oil Portrait of Puff

Welcome to the cat oil portrait of Puff.  Kristin emailed enquiring about the process of having a pet portrait of their cat painted. This was one of Kristin’s initial emails to us….

Hi Melanie, thanks for your fast response! I have attached a photo, let me know if it works. The portrait is for my husband, I bought him this cat 6 years ago and he recently died of a heart problem. He was my husbands best friend and he used to sit at his computer with him just like that, so I thought it was a fitting photo….

The photo that Kristin emailed was fantastic for a portrait and very unusual. It suited a bespoke size and shape and so with Kristin’s blessing we chose 16 x 16 size. It was painted oil on Italian Linen canvas and you can see from the final scan below. Nicholas hand painted not only Puff, but his surroundings too. The keyboard, shelving behind and glasses case.

Kristin and her family loved the portrait and you can read all about it and see photos of Puff’s portrait on our dedicated blog post. You can see it here at  Cat Portraits Happy Clients. 
Cat Oil Portrait of Puff


Cat Oil Portrait of Puff – Framed

Here is the portrait of Puff all framed and ready to send to our clients.

Cat Oil Portrait of Puff

Cat Oil Portrait of Puff


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