Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait

Welcome to my Cocker Spaniel pencil pet portrait of Moo. Returning client Tracey contacted me to commission a pencil pet portrait of  ‘Moo’.  Tracey requested the portrait to be drawn from two photos. Moo had been swimming – as spaniels love to do! So she wanted to use two photos if possible, the photo of Moo with a wet coat as the pose and a similar photo of her dry so that she could have a dry coat in the portrait. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing Moo….

Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait

Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait Photos

Here are a few photos of the portrait with my pencils to help show scale. For those who are observant, you will see that Moo is wearing a collar in the photos below. She doesn’t have a collar on in the final scan above. Tracey saw the final scan and asked if I could remove the collar as Moo is usually without her collar on at home. Of course this was not a problem as you can see!

Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait
Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait
Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait

Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait – Framed

Here is Moo’s portrait framed in a beautifully simple wooden frame. It really works for Moo as it allows the viewers eyes to go right into the portrait. Frames should also compliment and not detract and this one does that perfectly.

Cocker Spaniel Pencil Pet Portrait

Happy Pet Portraits Clients

Tracey and Moo visited  my art studio to collect her portrait of Moo. Tracey was delighted with the portrait and we took the opportunity to take some photos while they were here. Moo modelled beautifully, she is such a gorgeous dog, I could also quite easily have dog napped her! She kept Lily amused brilliantly and made us all smile. Nicholas also took a few photos of myself, Tracey and Moo with the portrait which came out fabulously too.

Commission a Spaniel Drawing

If you would like to commission a pencil pet portrait of your Cocker spaniel, please do drop me a line. I would love to work with you. If you are also in the UK and fancy a visit to our art studio we always welcome clients by appointment. Just let us know the day you would like to come and we will make arrangements. If you are bringing your spaniel, even better!

We do have chickens in the garden, however they can be shut away. Just let us know if your dog is safe with chickens. Lily is very good with them, sometimes she likes to have a little chasse, however she knows its quite naughty. She also isn’t fixated with them which is good.

We can also take photos of your dogs free of charge. Alternatively if you live far away, this isn’t a problem either. We work with clients from all over the world and draw from photos they email. So keep snapping away and send us you own photos.

Finally Nicholas and myself look forward to working with you soon! And perhaps even meeting you and your dog too! Let us know your ideas for a portrait and don’t forget to take a look around my website. It might also give you ideas of how you would like yours. If you would like to ask any questions you are more than welcome!

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