Dog Portrait in Oil

Welcome to the dog portrait in oil of Georgie! Alannah helped arrange two portraits on behalf of Taunton School for the recipient Jane. Read Alannah’s fist email below..

…The recipient will be a lady called Jane Barrie and her dog is called Georgie. These pictures are being paid for by a variety of people. They will be given to her in recognition of 22 years service to Taunton School. Much of which has been as Chair of Governors. Her retirement dinner is in May, thus the hope of presenting her with the first part of her gift then. Hopefully in due course, we can get the link, so she can follow the progress of her oil painting online..

Jane’s husband emailed us lots of photos for Georgie prior to the surprise, so he was helpful in getting everything arranged too. As you can see the oil painting that Nicholas created for them all is superb. I have added a final scan below so you can see Georgie in all her glory. The painting was a 16 x 12 oil painting on canvas, which included the soft garden green background which suited Georgie as she loves to be outside and also bound around their garden. A fitting background!

Dog Portrait in Oil Framed

The frame for Georgie works so well with the overall colour and feel of the painting, its perfect.

Dog Portrait in Oil of Georgie

Dog Portrait in Progress

Here is a photo of the portrait in progress on the Easel showing Nicholas painting.

Dog Portrait in Oil of Georgie

Dog Portrait in Oil Video

Here is the video I filmed of Georgie’s portrait.

Pencil Drawing of Labradoodle

Welcome to my pencil drawing of Labradoodle Georgie. The portrait was in recognition of 22 years of service at Taunton School. Also for her services on the board of governors. The drawing was of course a complete surprise. The school organised the surprise with the help of Janes husband. He was superb at taking the photos of Georgie in secret and sending them to us without Jane knowing. The pencil drawing was given at the retirement meal presented in front of many of her colleges. The evening was a complete success as you will read below.

Happy Clients

I have photos from Jane taken the evening of the celebrations which I have added below.

Georgie and her family travelled all the way from Somerset to visit our Art Studio. It was a beautiful sunny day and so we took the opportunity to take plenty of photos of Georgie with both my pencil drawing and Nicholas’s oil painting. Georgie sat and modelled really well and she looks so happy in the photos. Georgie  and our dog Lily got on famously which was lovely.

Dog Portrait in Oil of Georgie

Magazine Article

Finally, Jane has very kindly emailed us a scan of an interview she did for Somerset Life Magazine.  I have added the full article below and we hope you enjoy reading it. If you would also like a pencil drawing or an oil painting of your Labradoodle, please do get in touch. We would of course love to work with you as we love the breed and have drawn and painted a number over the years. Why not email us your photos and also let su know your ideas for a portrait. We are always happy to help out, especially if you have any questions, we are always on hand! We look forward to working with you soon.

Dog Portrait in Oil of Georgie

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