Oil Pet Portrait of Sonny

Welcome to our latest oil pet portrait of Sonny.  Gill contacted us requesting a portrait of their collie called Sonny as a special birthday surprise for her husband. This was Gill’s initial email to us…

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
…..Our Welsh Border Collie, Sonny, has just died at the ripe old age of nearly 17. It is my husband, Rob’s 50th birthday coming up. I would love to have an oil painting done from one of our many photos of Sonny….

We chatted with Gill about all of the lovely photos that she had sent us of Sonny, but we all settled on one particular photo that Gill said Really captured Sonny’s personality and character well. Gill also requested a greenish colour background and Sonny loved running in the garden and on walks. As you can see the portrait of Sonny came out beautifully. Nicholas thoroughly enjoyed painting Sonny’s portrait, especially as he looked quite similar to a collie we once owned too. Scroll down to see Rob with the painting.

Oil Pet Portrait of Sonny

Happy Clients

Gill took a photo of Rob with the portrait and emailed it to us along with this lovely testimonial below.

Hi Melanie and Nichols,
Today is Rob’s 50th Birthday. He is absolutely delighted with the portrait of Sonny and it is like having him back again. Sonny died last September at the ripe old age of 16 1/2. The likeness is remarkable, from the warmth in his eyes to the wet nose! The quality of the painting is stunning, thank you so much….
Gill and Rob.

Happy Client Rob with his portrait of Sonny

Oil Pet Portrait of Sonny Video

Here is a photo of the portrait of Sonny framed, along with a video of Sonny’s portrait too. We feel the frame works well with the portrait and also the inner linen slip enhances Sonny’s white in his coat. If you are taking your portrait to a framer to be framed, not only can you see the moulding choices, but you can ask to see their range of inner slips to see if they would work with your portrait. You can get quite variation in designs from linen ones to very narrow ones. There is always a lot of choice when it comes to framing.

Oil Pet Portrait of Sonny

And finally, if you would like a portrait of your collie, let us know. We would love to paint them for you. We hope you enjoyed reading about our Oil Pet Portrait of Sonny. Why not send us your photos and let us know your ideas for a portrait, whether it is a pencil drawing or an oil painting similar to Sonny. We are looking forward to working with you soon!

Oil Pet Portrait of Sonny

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