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Chickens outside the studio

Our chickens outside the studio today were sunning themselves and I thought it was a great photo opportunity. The chickens do have their own run, its quite large. They have a little one in front of their shed and a longer one to the side. This runs behind our large woodpile that is drying for a couple of years. This gives them perfect shelter form the wind and rain. It is also very cool down there in the summer. They are jungle birds so of course they love the dapped shade from the trees.

We sometimes let the chickens out into our garden, especially this time of year as the flowers and plants are dormant for the winter. They also enjoy a few crackers in from the studio and come right up to the door waiting. Asda own brand are their preference!

Lily loves to watch them from the studio too. She is very good with them, when she is outside she likes to sniff them…if they will let her….but in general she is great as she has grown up with them. They have just come through a moult so hopefully they will come back into lay soon!

Chickens outside the studio

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