Pencil Portrait of Banjo

Welcome to my Pencil Portrait of Banjo. My client Rob commissioned me to draw their family dog called Banjo as a surprise gift for his wife’s birthday. Rob had planned this special commission well in advance, which we like, and also a very special frame which you will see below.

Rob and his family live in Central Queensland, Australia and I especially love sending my drawings far across the globe. After the initial contact, Rob emailed me plenty of photos of Banjo on their farm in Australia. What beautiful scenery in the photos too. If only I could have hand delivered the portrait myself!

Banjo’s portrait was a 12 x 10 size drawing and it was the perfect size for him. He looks very similar to our dog Jenny when I was growing up. She was a blue merle and so pretty.

Pencil Portrait of Banjo

Pencil Portrait of Banjo – Photo

Here is a close up photo of Banjos pencil drawing. I often feel the photos show my portraits better than the scans, they are much more natural somehow. You can also see my pencils in there to help show scale.

Pencil Portrait of Banjo

Robs Frame for Banjo!

The frame is amazing! Rob emailed us these wonderful photos. Rob framed the drawing himself using reclaimed fence posts from his farm. Isn’t it incredible and also isn’t he very clever! We absolutely love it. It has to be one of the most unique frames we have ever seen and it works so well with my pencil drawing. Completely unique. Its just like Banjo is looking through the fence. Perfect!

Rob also has a fantastic quality camera as the photos he sent are so sharp and in focus. I am really looking forward to adding Banjo to my website soon. A huge thank you to Rob for taking and sending me the photos.

Banjo Framed, A Must See 

Finally, if you would like a portrait of your collie, similar to Banjo, why not drop me a line via my website. Why not email me your photos and let me know your ideas for a portrait. I would love to work with you on a project similar to this… lets see if you can come up with a more unusual frame idea for your portrait!!

Banjo Framed, A Must See 

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