Pet Portrait of Stanley and Jarvis

Welcome to my latest Pet Portrait of Stanley and Jarvis. The pencil drawing is a 24 x 18 pencil portrait which was commissioned as a thank you gift. The recipient Paula, was delighted and got in touch with us sending photos of her dogs. Although she had quite a few photos of Stanley and Jarvis, none of them were really suitable for a portrait. So thankfully Paula was able to take some new ones especially for the portrait.

Luckily Stanley and Jarvis were great models and very patient and sat beautifully for a range of photos. I choose one particular photo of them both and it captured them very well. I have added the final scan below along with lots of other photos too….

Pet Portrait of Stanley and Jarvis

Pet Portrait of Stanley and Jarvis Photos

Here are a few photos of the portrait of Stanley and Jarvis taken in the Art Studio before framing. I like to take photos of the drawings with my pencils to show scale. This helps give our prospective clients an idea of how large of small the drawings are. It also allows clients or our readers to see the portraits a little more naturally.

Pencil Pet Portraits of Stanley and Jarvis
Close up photo of the portrait in a more natural way

Pencil Pet Portrait Framed

The colour and tones of the frame work beautifully with my drawing, especially with the mushroom coloured inner mount. This adds a lovely detail to the whole ensemble.

The Portrait Framed

Happy Clients

Finally Paula and her family very kindly emailed a photo of the portrait of Stanley and Jarvis in situ. She emailed a lovely message to go along with it too….

Hi Melanie,
It works perfectly in my clients kitchen, also a place where the whole family can enjoy the drawing for years to come.
Thank you for everything,

Happy Clients Stanley and Jarvis in Situ

If you would like a portrait of your dogs similar to this, you are more than welcome to get in touch at any time. Full body portraits are more suited to my larger sizes, however email me your photos and I can guide you. Smaller breads suit smaller drawings, so it does go on case by case.

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