My new apprentice…

Who do you think is my new apprentice….!? Yes you have guessed it – it is Lily our Tibetan Terrier.

While working in the studio I am often getting out of my chair for one thing or another. At every opportunity Lily jumps on it to make it hers! Unless its something exciting happening and Lily wants to be involved. I know this is forever going to happen and the issue is she often has muddy paws, so i am always cleaning my chair! You might say – why don’t you get her, her own little wicker chair! Well, she has got her own chair, and a crate, and a beanbag. She has beds in every room in the cottage. I just think when I go out of the room its the closest place to me she can get without me actually being there.

I am considering training her up as my apprentice…! I’m not sure how much I might need to pay her, although I have a fairly good idea it might be in gravy bones which she is quite partial too. If you were to visit the studio she will love you if you bring some of those. Although I cant guarantee she wont jump all over you for them!

At the time I was drawing a gorgeous cat called Padstow which you can see behind Lily’s head. if you would like to read more about Lily take a look at her dedicated page on my website.

My new apprentice

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