Pencil Drawing of English Setters

Welcome to my pencil drawing of English Setters Violet & Gil. My client Marcella commissioned me to draw Violet and Gill as a Christmas gift for her parents in 2017. Marcella also commissioned me to draw her sisters dog Rooney and her own dog Charlie too. Head over to their pages to see dedicated photos of the dogs and what they looked like framed.

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing both Violet and Gill. Particularly all of the intricacies of the patterning in their coats. English Setters have also fast become one of my favourite breeds to draw. I have added a final scan below along with a few photos of the drawing with my pencils to show scale.

pencil drawing of English Setters

Video of the Portraits

I took a short video of all of the pencil portraits together on my plan chest in the art studio. I try to take film of our portraits when I have time, it really does help to show them in a different way. Don’t forget you can subscribe to our YouTube channel if you would like to keep up with our videos!

Pencil Drawing of English Setters – Photos

I am so pleased with how the photos turned out of the English Setters below. Their dark colours in their coats work well and also look very dynamic.

Pencil Drawing of English Setters
Pencil Drawing of English Setters

Even the black coloured Derwent graphite pencils seem to match the dogs drawing! I would definitely like to draw more setters in the future, especially as they were a lot of fun to draw.

Pencil Drawing of English Setters
Pencil Drawing of English Setters

Happy Clients

Here is a photo Marcella took of her mum and sister with the portraits at Christmas. Isn’t it amazing! Thank you so much to you all for doing that for us and allowing us to show it here on our blog, it really does make the dogs pages really special.

Finally, we really hope that you have enjoyed viewing my pencil drawing of English Setters Violet and Gill. If you have an English Setter, do drop me a line. Send me your photos, try to send head and shoulder photos if you would like a portrait similar to Violet and Gill. I will be able to see plenty of sharp and in focus fur detail in the photos, especially if you would like a larger size portrait. Drop me a line via my contact page or message via WhatsApp. I would love to work with you!

Happy Clients with their pet portraits

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