Pencil Drawing of Rooney

Welcome to my pencil drawing of Rooney. Marcella, my client, emailed to ask if I would be able to draw her sisters dog Rooney as a surprise gift. I was delighted! Rooney’s photos were wonderful and so happy. He has such a happy face. I couldn’t wait to get started.

Marcella also commissioned me to draw her parents dogs English Setters Violet and Gill as well as her own dog Charlie.  I drew Rooney at 12 x 10 inches which was the perfect size for him. Marcella framed all of the portraits when they arrived to San Francisco, USA and her family were delighted. Marcella was thrilled with the portraits and this is an email from her as soon as the drawings arrived.

Hi Melanie,
I just arrived and rushed to my package. They are darling!

Eva wrote a message on Rooney’s drawing on our Facebook page which said the following….
Thank you, thank you! You captured his silly optimism perfectly. Eva.

Pencil Drawing of Rooney

Video of the Portraits

I took the opportunity of taking some video of all three pencil portraits. Especially while they were still here in my art studio. I often take film of our portraits. So don’t forget you can subscribe to our YouTube channel if you would like to keep up with our videos!

Here are a few photos of the drawing with my pencils on my plan chest prior to packing. I took quite a few at varying angles to help show the portrait in a more natural way.

Pencil Drawing of Rooney
Pencil Drawing of Rooney
Pencil Drawing of Rooney

Pencil Drawing of Rooney – Happy Clients

Marcella took this wonderful photo of her sister Eva and her mum on Christmas morning when they received the portraits! its wonderful! I have also added a further two photos of the portraits framed. I really love the bright orange mount of Rooney and the frame is beautiful. Nicholas and myself love traditional wooden framed, especially if they are a little rustic. We hope you like them!

Rooney’s Portrait in Situ

Marcella also emailed me two amazing photos of Rooney with his portrait. Aren’t they wonderful! Apparently Eva and Marcella had been trying to get photos for a while. However Rooney had the zoomies and wouldn’t sit still! He must have tired himself out as he is sleeping beautifully with his portrait!  Thank you so much Marcella and Eva!

Rooney and his portrait! 

I hope that you have enjoyed viewing the pencil drawing of Rooney. I also hope that you have managed to head over to see Marcella’s other portraits too. If you would like to give a portrait as a gift, or perhaps you would like to commission one for yourself. Please email or message at any time, we would love to hear from you.

Rooney and his portrait! 

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