Great Dane Pet Portrait

Welcome to our latest Great Dane pet portrait in oils on canvas. Our client Jennifer, from Florida USA, emailed to see if we would be able to create a painting of her two Great Danes. She wanted to commission it as a birthday gift for a her husband. We were delighted and asked Jennifer to send photos of her dogs, along with ideas of the kind of portrait that she had in mind.

Jennifer requested a 16 x 12 oil painting and sent a number of head and shoulder photos which were perfect for an oil painting. We chatted about the colour scheme Jennifer wanted and she opted for a light grey and cream to work with her home decor colour scheme.

Nicholas started the portrait and emailed Jennifer the first stages. She was thrilled and you can read her email below…

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
It’s absolutely beautiful, actually made me tear up. He is going to love this more than you know.

great dane pet portrait

Great Dane Completed Photo

When the portrait was complete, we sent the final scan to Jennifer for her approval. We also took a few photos of the portrait on our plan chest in our art studio with one of our paint brushes to help show scale.

Jennifer also emailed during the middle stages. We always send stages of the portraits via email so that our clients can be part of the process. We really love hearing their feedback and comments about the portrait at the various stages.

These are amazing, I can’t believe how talented he is. I could not love this more.

great dane pet portraits

Great Dane Pet Portrait in Progress

We thought we would add some of the photos taken during the Great Dane pet portrait in progress for our readers to see how this one all came together. The first stages are always fascinating, I love the underpainting Nicholas does on the instal stage. This is a very important stage, obviously drawing out the dogs and then blocking in the main features and tones.

Great Dane pet portrait

As you can see all of the above stage of the Great Dane pet portrait has been covered. Clients can have a choice with regards to background colours, however it does need to match with the tones and colours of the dogs. This portrait has a fairly modern feel and so could quite easily handle a whole range of background colours. Jennifer asked us to keep it a greyish neutral tone to match her home decor. We think it works really well for the Great Danes.

Great Dane pet portrait in Progress

This is a mid stage and a good shot as I managed to capture Nicholas painting the dark tones. Still blocking in, moulding the paint to create the three dimensional form of the Great Danes.

Nicholas painting the portrait of the Great Danes

Here is a close up photo while Nicholas is painting the white areas. Still no where near complete as you can see. There isn’t any detail here yet, but it gives you an idea of how it is all coming along.

A close up of the portrait of the Great Danes, while Nicholas is painting.

Commission a Pet Portrait

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the Great Dane pet portrait. If you have a Great Dane you would like painted, please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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