Horse Pencil Portrait Montage

Welcome to my latest horse pencil portrait montage! This pencil portrait was commissioned by William who emailed to ask if I would be able to create a montage pencil portrait of his partners horse called Locksie.

William commissioned the drawing to give as a wonderful gift to his wife Annabel on their wedding day in April 2018. William emailed me lots of lovely photos of Locksie along with photos of their cat and two Jack Russell dogs which he wanted included within the portrait.

He chose to have a montage portrait so that it could depict all of their pets, along with a portrait of Locksie standing in front of a barn.  Also one of Annabel jumping with Locksie. All of the photos William chose have true meaning to himself and his wife Annabel. It will make a beautiful gift on his wedding day, and also something to treasure for many years to come.

The portrait was an 18 x 24 montage pencil drawing. William emailed when he saw the finished portrait and I have added it below.

Hi Melanie
I absolutely love it and I’m sure Annabel will to!! Thank you very much it’s better than I imagined it to be.
Look forward to hearing from you
Thanks again

Horse Pencil Portrait Happy Client Photos

William emailed me some lovely photos of Annabel with her portrait when he presented it to her in the mar quay of her wedding. There is also a lovely testimonial from William below too. If you scroll down further you can also see images of the portrait on my plan chest in the studio with my pencil to help show scale.

Hi Melanie,
Hope your well, sorry its taken me a while to email you!
Annabel absolutely loves her present! Thanks again for all your hard work!
Mr and Mrs Archer X

Horse Pencil Portrait Montage – Photos

I often find my pencil portrait scans are quite harsh, not a good representation of the finished drawings. So I like to take photos of my artwork on our plan chest in the studio.

Horse Pencil Portrait Montage

We have plenty of light coming through our windows both sides of the studio and this really helps for taking photos of our work. I always add my pencils on the drawings to help give scale to the portraits.

Horse Pencil Portrait Montage

Horse Pencil Portrait Montage – Framed

The portrait was framed using a plain pine wood frame which works beautifully with my drawings. The richness and warmth of the wood tones are absolutely lovely. It has a double mount too which adds interested and emulates the detail on the edge of the frame well too. I hope you like the photos below.

Horse Pencil Portrait Montage

Pencil Portrait Montages

If you would also like a portrait of your pet as a montage, just drop me a line. I would love to discuss it with you. You can email or WhatsApp at any time. Head on over to my pencil pet portraits website and use my contact page.

Horse Pencil Portrait Montage

Finally while you are on my website, you can check out my pencil portraits gallery along with an FAQ’s page. You can also see how to take photos of your pet. Also read about the commission process from start to finish too. This often helps prospective clients have a feel for how the whole process works from initial contact, right through to packing the portrait. I am very much looking forward to working with you. Especially if you have a horse pencil portrait montage you would like drawn!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my pencil portrait of Locksie. That is so kind of you to say. I am so sorry to hear about your eyesight. I really hope that you have found other creative outlets to have fun with and enjoy. Sending very best wishes from us both here! Melanie and Nicholas x

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