Spaniel Pencil Portraits

Welcome to my spaniel pencil portraits drawing of a gorgeous spaniel called Mr Frodo. One of my latest pencil portraits to come off of my easel. I have completed many spaniel drawings this year, additionally to Frodo, my next drawing is a spaniel too! Which is fabulous as they are one of my favourite breeds to portray. I think I may have mentioned that if we hadn’t have chosen to have a Tibetan Terrier, we would have had a Spaniel. I don’t think we could have the energy to have the two breeds at the same time though! Maybe we will one day!

So for this commission returning client Jennifer commissioned Mr Frodo as a birthday surprise for her father called Dave. Jennifer previously commissions Nicholas to paint her beautiful Great Danes called Aspen and Susie as a gift for her husband. You can see the Great Dane Pet Portraits on our blog too.

Frodo was an absolute joy to draw, the gorgeous big soft eyes are just so adorable. I really hope I have done him justice. The portrait of Mr Frodo was commissioned at a custom size of  11 x 11 inches due to the shape of Mr Frodo’s ears and so I made it square in shape to fit with the photo.

Spaniel Pencil Portraits

Here are a few photos of the drawings with my pencils to help show scale. I hope that they show the drawing of Mr Frodo in a more candid way. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing him and I also hope that the drawing will be a lovely surprise for the recipient.

Hi Melanie,
I love it, it looks beautiful.
Jennifer X

Spaniel Pencil Portraits
Spaniel Pencil Portraits

Spaniel Pencil Portraits Happy Clients

Dave very kindly emailed me the most wonderful testominal and photo of himself with his portrait displayed on his wall, sitting on the stairs with Mr Frodo. I cant thank Dave enough for taking the trouble to do this for me. I will be adding the photo and Mr Frodo on my website very soon! Thank you Dave!

Hi Melanie,
I just adore your work product; you captured my hunting partner MrFrodo perfectly. Mr F is more a “bigger than life” presence than a simple family pet. My father before me and now I have had many English Springers but never one quite like Frodo. He’ll be 12 years young in March and is still a ball of energy!

Thanks again for your work, it’s greatly appreciated.

Kindest personal regards,
R. David Stewart (Dave)

spaniel pet portraits happy clients

Spaniel Pencil Portraits Framed

We framed the portrait in our Madison Slate frame. Our framer is absolutely brilliant. She also coupled the Madison Slate frame with the hayseed cream textured mount and a dark grey inner mount. The inner mount is a dark grey which especially accents the drawing and frame beautifully. This is the first time we have used the Slate version of the Madison and we absolutely love it. I am sure it is going to be a firm favourite.

Spaniel Pencil Portraits

Spaniel Pencil Portraits – Commission Your Own!

If you are looking to have a spaniel pencil portraits of one or more of your dogs please do drop me a line. Taking photos of your Spaniel are key and I know that they are full of energy, so they are not the easiest breed to take photos of. In my experience you have to pic the right time for a photoshoot with them, perhaps when they are not occupied with a ball or a toy, maybe when they are a little more relaxed.

Spaniel Pencil Portraits

I am always on hand though if you need any help or guidance when taking photos of your Spaniel for a pencil portrait, drop me a line or give me a call and I can give you plenty of advice.

Spaniel Pencil Portraits

Finally I really hope that you love my spaniel pencil portraits of Frodo and it won’t be long and I will have another spaniel drawing to share on my blog soon. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe!

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