Black Labrador Pet Portraits

Welcome to my latest Black Labrador pet portraits to be completed on my drawing desk. This is Iggy and he was traditionally hand drawn by myself. My client Suzanna called me in my studio asking if I would be able to complete a pencil drawing of their Black Labrador as a surprise gift for her husband. He was to be 50 in the coming months and she wanted to commissioned Iggy as a birthday surprise. We had plenty of time luckily and so Suzanna set about taking photos especially for the pencil drawing. She kept snapping away when her husband wasn’t around, until she found the perfect photo of him that captured his personality and character really well.

Suzanna opted for my 16 x 12 size. However upon viewing the photos, we decided that the portrait should be 15 x 13 inches to work with Iggy’s shape. He looks so happy in the drawing, I think we can all imagine how lovely he is!

Black Labrador Pet Portraits

Suzanna emailed when she saw the final scan and photos of the drawing and I have added it below for everyone to read. I loved Iggy’s reaction…..

Wow, that is stunning Melanie. I cannot wait to see it in real life!! Definitely looks like Iggy staring back at me, I tried to hold it up to him to compare but he started licking my phone!
Thank you so much!!!
Susanna xx

Black Labrador Pet Portraits – Photos

Here are a few photos of Iggy’s drawing on my plan chest. I always take photos of the drawings with my pencils to help show scale. Also I like to show these to my clients along with the final scan. I feel that my drawings always are much better represented this way. The camera really does seem to pick up the more natural tones of the graphite. Scans are great but the photos have a much more natural feel.

Black Labrador Pet Portraits

The drawing will be framed by Suzanna and her family. I’m looking forward to seeing a photo when its completed. I hope that the drawing of Iggy is a wonderful surprise for Suzanna’s husband on his special day!

Black Labrador Pet Portrait photos

Commissioning Your Pet Portraits

If you would like to see another of my recent Black Labrador Pencil Drawings, visit the story of Alberts drawing too. If you have a black Labrador and you would like yours drawn similar to Iggy, drop me a line. Photos are key, as Suzanna found when taking photos of Iggy. She had three photoshoots and finally came up with the perfect photo. One that she knew would be the right one for a drawing. I think when you see that special photo of your dog, where it captures their essence, that is the one to use! I look forward to working with you on your own portrait. If you need any help or guidance, please email or message me at anytime.

Black Labrador Pet Portraits

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