Flat Coated Retriever Drawing

Welcome to my Flat Coated Retriever Drawing! This portrait was for a very special client with whom I have been working with for many years gradually drawing her gorgeous Flat Coated Retrievers. I have created a number of portraits for Mandy and also for her friends too.

This drawing is of Liffey, who is sadly no longer with us, so it was a very special portrait for Mandy. I really hope that the portrait will bring back wonderful memories for her and her family. Liffey was drawn in pencil at 16 x 12 size, in both a show pose and a head study too. I have had real trouble taking photos of the portrait where the background of the paper shows grey, so removing the background in the computer can get tricky. However hopefully the photos below give you a good idea of what the drawing is like.

Flat Coated Retriever Drawing

Flat Coated Retriever Drawing Commission

I was in touch with Mandy quite a bit working out the best way to celebrate Liffey and her life. Mandy was finding the process very difficult as she missed Liffey very much. So we had been discussed the Flat Coated Retriever drawing for many months until Mandy was ready to commission. After much deliberation, she decided she wanted to commission the drawing of Liffey on the anniversary of Liffey’s passing. This was the perfect choice and option. Mandy emailed this to me when she saw the final portrait…

OMG I just love it. Trying not to cry at my desk…. I cant wait to see her. She’s been a long time in the making. xxx

Flat Coated Retriever Drawing Photos

Here are a few photos of the Flat Coated Retriever Drawing taken on my plan chest here in the studio. You can actually see the paper in the photos when they are taken on an angle, they do seem to come out grey. It might be time to upgrade our camera or our lighting system!

The portrait is now all packed up and has been sent to Mandy where she will frame it and hopefully display Liffey with the other portraits of her Flat Coated Retrievers that I have drawn over the years. I will add some photos below of some of the other portraits I have created for Mandy and her friends and other clients too. Keep scrolling to see them, I absolutely adore drawing Flat Coated Retrievers! They are one of my favourite breeds to portray. I hope you enjoy viewing them all.

Flat Coated Retriever Drawing

Flatcoated Retriever Drawings – Other Portraits by Melanie….

I thought it might be nice to gather a selection of my Flat Coated Retriever Drawings for my readers to see here. Some were for Mandy, some for friends of Mandy’s in the Flat Coated Retriever community. My favourite also has to be the two Flat Coats in the side on pose below. The photo of them both was perfect for a portrait and such a joy to draw. You can see my hand in the photo below while working on the portrait.

Flatcoat Retriever Drawing
Flatcoat Retriever Drawing

More Flat Coated Retriever Drawings

The drawing below was a commission from 2018 and you can read all about my portrait on a recent blog post at Flat Coated Retriever Pencil Portrait.  You can see other photos of the drawing with my pencils in a more candid way. This was a commission for a client in the UK and I really hope all of the family are still enjoying the drawing!

Flat Coated Retriever Drawing

Another of my favourite portraits was of ‘Frog’ the Flat Coat. Mandy and her friend’s commissioned it for a very good friend of theirs. You can see I drew a drawing of a frog in the portrait as requested! I think this was my first frog portrait!!

Flat Coated Retriever Drawing

Additionally, another specil portrait commissioned as a gift for Mandy of three of her Flatcoats. I hope that you all also approve of this one too! Thoroughly enjoyable to draw!

Flat Coated Retriever Drawing

Finally, if you have a Flat Coated Retriever that you might like drawn, please do get in touch at anytime. Message of WhatsApp me via my website and send me your photos.

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