Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits

Welcome to our latest bespoke large scale oil pet portraits commission. This portrait was commissioned by Jamie and Lubka Hallam of their two gorgeous dogs Bilbo and Mr Kipling. Jamie and Lubka requested a large oil painting of them sitting in their beautiful garden in the South of England. Nicholas created the painting for them at 40 x 30 inches size.

Lubka emailed lots of photos of the dogs along with a particular photo of their garden that they loved. When the portrait was complete, it was couriered to our clients using a specialist art courier called Nick. We will definitely use Nick again in the future!

You can see the finished oil painting below. You can also see a photo of Nicholas with the painting. Lubka emailed when they received the painting,

Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits
Oil Pet Portraits

Dearest Melanie, Nicholas and Lily,
There is only one way we can sum up the Painting and it is AMAZING !!!
Really delighted with it…

Nick the art courier was lovely and super friendly. He very kindly “unveiled” the painting  for us. 

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience to deal with you… from the first email to receiving the painting. That makes the painting even more special. 

Thank you again very very much!!!
Love and best wishes
Lubka, Jamie, Charlie and of course Bilbo and Mr Kipling xxx

Nicholas with the oil painting

Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits – The Painting

The photos below show just a few of the close up shots I took of Nicholas working on the large scale oil pet portraits at a very nearly completed stage. Hopefully you can see the beautiful detail in the portrait of the two dogs plus the stunning background.

Oil Pet Portraits

Nicholas excels at painting scenery and landscapes with dogs and horses. Take a look at our pet portraits website to see more commissioned artwork that he has created.

Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits

The portrait of Bilbo and Mr Kipling took a number of weeks to complete. Something this large and details does take time. The exact time it takes to complete a large scale oil painting of a dog in a scenic background can vary depending on the complexity of the painting, so let us know your ideas if you Arte workign towards a specific date for your portrait. 

Plenty of detail on the oil pet portrait

Nicholas is often booked up to 5 to 6 months in advance at various times of the year. Therefore, it’s always best to plan ahead and reach out to us as early as possible – especially if you’re considering commissioning a large scale oil painting.

Nicholas working on the painting

A large scale oil painting like this painting of Bilbo and Mr Kipling takes time. painting details portraits are time consuming, so expect something like this to take a good month to paint. The end result is a beautiful piece of art that captures the essence of your pet and is well worth the wait.

Detail on the nose!

The Video!

Here is a video of the framed oil painting!

The Mayfair Frame

One of our favourite frames for our larger sized portraits is our Mayfair Frame. It is a very large moulding which is just over 4 inches wide and you can see from the photos below how beautiful it is.

Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits

The framed painting all complete, and the photo above is almost certainly our favourite photo! The gold colour is stunning and it has very subtle detail both on the front and when looking from the side.

Close up of the The Framed Painting

All of our bespoke gold frames are built so that when you look at the paintings from the side they sit flush to the wall. This means you are unable to see any of the canvas which is perfect.

Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits

Choosing the right frame for your pet portrait oil painting is an important step in completing the painting. The frame not only protects the painting but also complements the portrait too.

Corner of the Mayfair Frame

The frame’s style should align with both the painting’s style and the room’s decor where it will be displayed. A more ornate frame might suit a traditional decor. While a simpler, sleeker frame might be better for a modern aesthetic.

Detail of the Mayfair Frame

The size of the frame is another important consideration. A larger, thicker frame might overpower a small painting. Not forgetting a thin frame might not provide enough contrast for a large painting.

Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits

Remember, the frame is an extension of the painting itself. It should enhance the artwork, not distract from it. If you are choosing to frame one of our oil paintings, take your time in choosing a frame that fits your painting and your space perfectly. It’s worth the effort to find the perfect frame for your beautiful pet portrait oil painting.

Frame and painting in detail

Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits

Nicholas loves to paint his large scale oil pet portraits of dogs. Bringing to life the unique personality and beauty of each canine subject. He has the ability to create paintings of any size, even on oversized canvases, to suit the specific needs of each client. Combined with his love of landscape painting too, this matches well when created dogs in a background scene like this portrait of Bilbo and Mr Kipling. As you can see in the close up photo below of the sky, it’s just simply beautiful.

Photo of the sky and frame together

Nicholas uses high-quality linen to create his canvases. This provides a durable and beautiful surface for his artwork. Custom sized canvas allows for the creation of a truly bespoke piece of art, perfect for our cleints.

Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits

For large scale oil pet portraits, we sometimes recommend to have professional photos taken of the dogs. This ensures that the photos are of high resolution, which is crucial for capturing the fine details. Especially when scaling up the photos for the portrait. However, if you already have very high-resolution photos, these can also be used. Email us your photos and we can take a look at them and discuss your ideas.

Finally a detail of the frame and paw!

Nicholas understands the importance of client input in creating a portrait. It not only captures the likeness of the pet but also fits seamlessly into the space where it will be displayed. Clients are also encouraged to share their specific requirements. Such as the overall colour scheme or any other design elements they have in mind.

Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits

Commission Your Own Large Scale Oil Pet Portraits

We courier our large scale oil pet portraits to the client using a professional art courier service. This ensures that the artwork arrives safely at its destination.

Quotations for large scale oil pet portraits can be provided at any time. So, if you’re considering a larger scale portrait of your beloved pet, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With his artistic oil painting skill and passion for painting, combined with your ideas, im certain we can create a beautiful piece of art that you’ll cherish for years to come. If you haven’t seen our latest Golden Retriever painting, head on over to see it next!

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